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06 February, 2015

Filly Funtasia Promo #4 with Russian Subtitles

Previously, we've posted Filly Funtasia trailers subtitled in German, Italian, English, Norwegian and Danish as well as in Korean and Japanese. Now, we've also got the fourth promo subtitled in Russian by Zejgar! Watch it below:

Turn on the subtitles by pressing the "CC" button.

Filly Stars: Something New

Pictured: best Filly and company

Filly Stars is the latest addition to the Filly brand, as you might already know from various sources, including this very website. At the time of writing, Filly Stars does not officially have a publically available website yet, as indicated by its absence in Filly.com's user interface, although it is accessible through inputting a proper website address into the browser of your choice.

What one may find out is that Filly Stars appears to be moderately different to what Filly was doing with previous toylines, such as Butterfly, Witchy, Unicorn, Elves and others. And here are eight details that I am going to showcase.

04 February, 2015

How Many Fillys Are There?

So, here is another writer joining the ranks of Funtasia Daily, though most probably only for special occasions, so don't expect to see me all that often, especially to begin with. The name is Exohasard. If Skundi is the guy who takes care of diplomacy with people who don't know much about Filly, I've had a tendency to build connections between already existing Filly communities. Ponychan, Twitter, VKontakte, Funtasia Daily comments, you name it, I'm there. Additionally, I used to be known as My Little Life on Mars, but wanted to cut off my ties to my old communities that were about that other equine cartoon.

In this article, there will be a toy analysis article of a similar type to what Zejgar used in his first article, in which it is tried to reach a verdict on how many Filly characters that exist in the very widely spanning Filly world. Find out more, after the break.