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25 April, 2016

Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure - Overview

In addition to a wide range of collectible figurines, plush toys and miniature plastic architecture, the Filly brand possesses a number of digital applications. So far all of them are made for mobile devices, and for the most part they are quite simple: collections of biography for each Filly, minigames where the player is supposed to draw the characters, the ability to add frames and various objects to the photos taken by the device's camera - features that define entertainment, but not games, strictly speaking.

However, there are two mobile Filly applications that differ from the rest: they feature actual challenging gameplay. The names of these applications are Filly Cupcake Shop and Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure. The subject of this article is the latter one, since there is quite a lot to say about it.

11 April, 2016

BRB at MIPTV 2016: Day 4

MIPTV 2016 has come to an end. Unlike MIPTV 2015, this time there is relatively important news: the TV show is now accompanied by two specials. The photo shown a couple of days ago implied that these specials are called Filly Butterfly and Filly Stars, but now we know a lot more, thanks to an issue of MIPTV news, available here: https://issuu.com/mipmarkets/docs/miptv_2016_news_2
Interestingly enough, Filly Funtasia is the only property of BRB that gets mentioned. And thanks to this mention, we now know that:
  • The specials' names are, indeed, "Filly Butterfly" and "Filly Stars";
  • Each special is 75 minutes long;
  • The specials come before the show;
  • The specials take place in the Academy.
Of course, the authors of that short article are not BRB themselves, and so there is still room for the possibility that these details may not reflect reality. We'll see!

04 April, 2016

BRB at MIPTV 2016: Day 1

MIPTV 2016 has begun. The earlier news of two Filly Funtasia special features has been joined by a photo taken by the BRB Internacional crew, as seen on their Twitter:
The photo shows a part of BRB's booth and, specifically, a large Filly Funtasia poster.
The bottom of the poster shows the already known combination of 26 episodes and 2 specials, but slightly above it are two new logotypes that read "Filly Butterfly" and "Filly Stars", both in the same style with the Filly Funtasia logotype! Those are probably the working titles (or even the final titles) of the two specials.

We have already seen Butterfly-related content in the concept art, but this is the first direct mention of Filly Butterfly in the context of Filly Funtasia.
Concept art, showing what seems to be Filly Butterfly's Papillia
With this, Filly Funtasia finally covers all primary toy lines from Filly Fairy all the way to Filly Stars, with Filly Princess and Filly Royale still in question. The defintion of "primary" may vary from person to person.

TWO Filly Funtasia Movies Coming?

MIPTV is here, and Catalan Films & TV have released their lineup of shows and movies (through their newsletter) that'll be promoted at their stands. Filly Funtasia is represented there as always, but there's something new to catch my eye in its listing.

Yep, they're listing two 75 minute specials! Now, we've already seen hints that there's going to be a Filly Funtasia movie of some kind as well as a show, but this is the first time I've seen anything that suggests there'll be more than one. I can't help but be reminded of another BRB production, Invizimals, where they launched the both series and two TV Movies almost simultaneously. Whether this is their plan for Filly Funtasia as well remains to be seen!

01 April, 2016

Filly Toyline Interview

 (APRIL FOOLS 2016!)
In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned a lot of Filly toy lines, including Princess, Fairy, Unicorn, Elves, Witchy and Stars. However, as many Filly fans should already know, the spectrum of Filly toy lines includes many more than just the aforementioned six series.

To learn more about how Filly Funtasia will handle the lore of Filly, we have gone to the depths of the HFDL offices and met with the official spokesmen who were glad to share information with us. Luckily we were allowed a limited use of our camera, and thanks to that we were able to record the interview. Check it out by clicking "Read more".

Filly Funtasia Special Offer Discovered

The official Filly Funtasia website was updated yesterday to include an additional button in the top row. The already existing "About Funtasia", "Characters" and "Locations" buttons have been joined by a peculiar new button which simply reads "Offer".

Clicking the button will take you to a new page, where you will be presented with a list of all 26 episodes of Filly Funtasia (complete with title and synopsis for each episode!), with some additional info.

Looks like they are already starting to work on the distribution of the show! If you have spare money, you can buy all of Filly Funtasia and watch it before anyone else. The whole 26 episode package seems to cost 181.74 EUR, which is quite a lot of money, at least for me.
Unfortunately clicking "Preorder" redirects you to the home page of the website. I guess the service isn't working yet, but it's really important to keep an eye on this chance to see Filly Funtasia early.

Also, the preorders seem to affect the release date of the show, so, please, spread this information around! The more people preorder Filly Funtasia, the earlier we'll get the show! And since it's been delayed who knows how many times already, it's a big deal.

EDIT: turns out one of the episodes has been leaked via Dailymotion! By the looks of it, it's still not complete - some scenes lack proper animation and the voice acting is most likely a placeholder, but the story itself is intact.
You can watch the episode here!