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24 October, 2018

Funtasia Daily Five Year Anniversary

Oh, hello! It’s been a bit quiet around here for the last year, but we’re still here. That’s mainly because for the majority of the year, there has been little to report on besides some vaguely promising interviews and a surprise award nomination.

30 August, 2018

Filly Funtasia Episode Nominated at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival

In a bit of unexpected news, the Filly Funtasia episode “The Missing Student” has been nominated in the “Best Animation” category of the 58th Asia-Pacific Film Festival, which will be held on the 1st of September in Taipei, Taiwan.

(EDIT: Turns out we lost! "Fundamental" was the winner of the category.)

The episode in question, in case you don’t remember, is the one with the blue rainbow and the scene where Rose, Fabian and Zack walk through a cave. The fourth promo consists entirely of a long scene from this episode. You can also see snippets of the episode in the third and fifth promos, and we have also been able to see concept art from the episode in art posts.

Filly Funtasia’s competitors are “Funtamental” from Taiwan, and “Adi Sopo Jarwo” from Indonesia. The first one appears to be a short chaotic one minute video with an anti-religious message (I think? It’s not entirely clear what’s going on) while Adi Sopo Jarwo is also a 3D cartoon. Both are embedded below if you want to check out the competition.

We should find out if Filly Funtasia is Taiwan’s number one in a couple of days from the posting of this article, and then we’ll hopefully be able to write an update about Filly Funtasia winning awards even before its release.

01 August, 2018

Dracco Sells UK Branch

In another piece of news about the companies involved in Filly Funtasia, Dracco has sold its UK branch, Dracco UK, a company which primarily functioned as a toy distributor for non-Dracco toys.

The enterprise in question began as a UK toy distributor called The In Thing. In 2011, Dracco acquired 50% of the company and in 2014, Dracco bought the remainder of the company, redirecting its former website, theinthing.com, to dracco.co.uk.

On the 16th of July, Dracco officially sold Dracco UK to Cathryn Dunstan, who is a member of their management team. The company was renamed Bliss Distribution Ltd, and dracco.co.uk now redirects to blissdistribution.co.uk.

Dracco UK never actually sold any Dracco properties from what we know, and indeed sold the properties of their main competitors. According to an interview in Toyworld Magazine, Dracco co-founder Henrik Andersen says: "The sale supports Dracco’s strategy to focus on its core business and increase our investments in brand development and global sales of our Dracco branded product range.".

While not mentioning Filly by name, this is a vaguely encouraging sign for the franchise’s future considering how Filly is currently Dracco's main property and thus the likely target of a focus on Dracco's brand development.

31 May, 2018

Filly Funtasia's Release Date Possibly Expedited

A week ago, yet another set of two articles were published in the Danish press featuring interviews with brothers Jacob and Henrik Andersen, the two founders of Dracco. This time, we find our cartoon information in Jyllands-Posten, where among other things, it’s revealed the release date of Filly Funtasia might have changed… to an earlier one than the last one we were given?

30 May, 2018

Introducing the Filly Angels

Finally, we have a new toyline on the way! Filly is getting a toyline featuring characters with wings that are feathery and incredibly glittery - it’s the Filly Angels!

25 April, 2018

Fan Music: Promo 3 Song Rearrangement

In a relatively short break between the news, we've got something to ease the nerves. A pony and Filly enthusiast Princess Twibug has taken the time to produce a few music tracks, two of which revolve around the song from Filly Funtasia Promo 3: an extended "radio edit" and a remix. The song is over four years old by now, yet it still gets attention! Hopefully the same can be said about the show itself.

Follow the link to Twibug's channel to check out the songs, or use the embeds below. Either way, enjoy!

01 April, 2018

Big Announcement: Filly Funtasia Switches Format

(April Fools 2018!)

A recent press release has unveiled that the Filly Funtasia license has been given to Hasbro, who have stated their desire to "incorporate Filly Funtasia into one of [their] existing popular brands." After years and years of unfortunate events regarding the development process of Filly Funtasia, it seems like it has finally found some ground to stand on!

Filly Funtasia is no longer a standalone animated series, but a valuable addition to Hasbro's long lasting franchise full of magic and enthralling locations, both colorful and spooky.

20 February, 2018

Filly Funtasia in 2019

It’s been a while since we had anything to report. In fact, there’s been no official communication of note about Filly Funtasia since BRB disavowed the show in late 2016 and no official communication of note about Filly in general since Dracco signed a deal with Goliath in spring 2017. Accordingly, we haven't posted any articles at all on Funtasia Daily for about half a year as there hasn't been much to report on. Considering all of this, it would not be too unreasonable to think Filly Funtasia has simply been abandoned and forgotten by everyone.

But it has not. The founders of Dracco, brothers Henrik and Jacob Andersen, have conducted an interview with Danish business website Finans.dk where they reveal, among other things, that Filly Funtasia has a new projected release date - 2019.

The information is divided into two rather long articles. Both of them are in Danish and one of them is locked behind a paywall, so this article will contain a summary of the information in both of them along with background information for context.

24 October, 2017

Funtasia Daily Four Year Anniversary

It's October the 24th (well, at least in my time zone), which means it's time for another Funtasia Daily anniversary! When starting this website in late 2013, nine days after the release of the first Filly Funtasia trailer, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. But I highly doubt that I thought for a second that I would still be updating it four years later even though the show was still nowhere in sight.

25 September, 2017

Screen21 Declares Bankruptcy

Remember that logo with the happy little guy that was one of several logos featured in Filly Funtasia promos 1, 3 and 4?

Unfortunately, it seems the company behind it is now defunct. Screen21 was an animation studio based in Barcelona which worked on BRB's various 3DCGI projects. The corporate structure of the companies that have worked on Filly Funtasia is a bit hard to fully comprehend, but from what I understand it, Screen21 was a subsidiary of BRB Internacional.

29 August, 2017

Filly Funtasia: Not Dead Yet

News about Filly Funtasia has been extremely scarce for the last year, ever since BRB seemingly disavowed the franchise. Accordingly, Funtasia Daily has also been very quiet during this time period, since there has been very little to report on related to Filly Funtasia. That does not mean that we've been doing nothing, however. We have been reaching out to people who have been involved in the production of the show in various capacities, and a source speaking on the condition of anonymity has now confirmed to us what I think we all already suspected: BRB is no longer involved in Filly or Filly Funtasia.

So, is that it? Is Filly Funtasia as dead as a Valve franchise? No, not necessarily. Because while the schism between BRB (the company formerly producing Filly Funtasia) and Dracco (the owner of the Filly IP) seems to be final, there is also some indication that Dracco is at the very least intending to restart production of the show, if that has not already happened.

12 August, 2017

Additional Filly Funtasia Concept Art Found

Today, we have three previously unseen pieces of concept art to show you! Although this concept art hasn't been seen publicly before, it was produced a few years ago and is therefore not proof that production of Filly Funtasia is still ongoing. However, it's still a new glimpse into the design of the show.

31 July, 2017

New German Licensee for Filly, and Possible New Toyline

If you found our old rundown of the companies involved in Filly Funtasia confusing, it's about to get even more confusing, because there's a new German toy manufacturer for Filly! According to a Brandora article and an article by das Spielzug (both articles are in German), Dracco has signed a deal with Goliath Toys. It comes into effect on the first of August, which is tomorrow at the time of this article's writing.

Goliath will not only manufacture Filly toys, but also provide marketing for them within Germany. The articles also mention that they will not only provide marketing (and toy manufacturing, presumably) for the existing Filly Royale line, but also for two new toylines: Ballerina and Wedding. While we already know that there's a toy line called Ballerina on its way, Wedding being referred to as a new toyline is a bit of a surprise, because there's already a 2014 toy line called Filly Wedding. Perhaps they mean that another expansion to it is coming - maybe featuring couples drawn from the two new toylines, Stars and Royale, that have been introduced since the release of its last expansion in late 2014, Filly Dream Wedding.

While there is no mention of Filly Funtasia in the articles, this is at least a positive sign for the Filly toy line. Hopefully, we'll soon also get a sign of what has become of Filly Funtasia.

07 April, 2017

New Filly Toy Line Spotted: Filly Ballerina!

After a few months of mostly silence on the toy side of the Filly, we finally get our first look at a new Filly toy line, known as Filly Ballerina.

01 April, 2017

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(April Fools 2017)

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