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17 May, 2019

Filly 3D Models

Hey! It's been a while since the chaotic period around the rapid initial Italian airing of the first thirteen episodes of Filly Funtasia. Now that we've all had time to catch our breath a little, it's time for another one of those long analytical articles, and this time we are looking at some images of Filly 3D models! Some of the content in this article can be considered potentially somewhat spoilery for unreleased episodes, so read at your own risk.

03 April, 2019

The Complete Filly Timeline

Are you chronologically confused about Filly? Do you want to know what exactly happened in between the first Filly Funtasia trailer in 2013 and the release of the show a few weeks ago without digging through dozens of different articles? You're in luck, because this article aims to construct a complete timeline of Filly and Filly Funtasia as well as events related to their development.

Many of these dates are approximations, especially for the early history of the brand where evidence is scant.

01 April, 2019

Filly Funtasia English Version to Release Exclusively on Xbox One

(April fools!)

After a tediously long waiting period of at least a couple of months, 2014 has finally come, and Filly Funtasia followed shortly after. Now when the dust has settled, more information has been revealed regarding the show's further distribution. The new generation of consoles is the talk of the town nowadays, and it seems that Dracco are going to make use of this new advanced technology to the fullest!

Introducing, Filly Funtasia Watercooler Edition.

27 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 13: "Farina, the Fire Dragon" - Discussion

And here we go, folks! The thirteenth episode of Filly Funtasia has arrived, concluding the streak of new episodes for the foreseeable future. This episode is quite fitting for a climax, be it seasonal or mid-seasonal. Be sure to leave a comment or two!

26 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 12: "The Star Crystal" - Discussion

Episode twelve is here, and it features a few familiar faces, in more ways than one! This one is probably the most adventurous episode out of the revealed dozen. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

25 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 11: "The Lost Mermaid" - Discussion

For this episode, I think it's the best to link a very old tweet from BRB Internacional.


The tease has been released. Discuss The Lost Mermaid down below!

Filly Funtasia Concept Art - Spoilers Edition 2

Amidst the ongoing Filly Funtasia airing schedule, a plethora of additional concept art material has been unearthed thanks to a kind anonymous. A total of 14 images related to Filly Funtasia have been found. Some of these images are brand new, some have been seen before. Regardless, each and every one deserves to be looked at, here!

These images were drawn by Dani Canovas, and are featured on the art blog here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DxEVLG

Some of the images listed here feature characters that have not yet appeared in the show, so if you don't want to see spoilers of any nature, consider skipping this article.

22 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 10: "Hide and Seek" - Discussion

We round out the week with this spooky episode! The show now takes a two day break again before it resumes on Monday for three more episodes. Based on Sky's TV guide, it seems that on Thursday, Frisbee will begin airing reruns instead. The website indicates that the reruns will now have subtitles, but this probably means subtitles in Italian rather than English. It's still unclear when exactly the second half of the season will be aired, but personally I don't mind a bit of a breather after this insane Fillybomb.

21 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 9: "Teacher for a Day" - Discussion

Episode 9 is here, and it's another one that was teased in the promotional material. We're steadily filling the promised material, episode by episode, and some of these episodes give unexpected context for some of it.

This one certainly does. Discuss!

20 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 8: "The Magical Maze" - Discussion

The eighth episode is here, featuring three four fillys who venture into an entirely normal maze. What did they find there? You tell us, down below!

19 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 7: "Bijou on the Loose" - Discussion

The seventh episode of Filly Funtasia has been aired, and after quite a number of days we have finally gotten another episode seen in the promotional material: Bijou on the Loose.

Please navigate to the comment section below to discuss this episode!

18 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Episode 6: "Dream of Doom" - Discussion

What a day!

This is the first out of the many episode discussion posts. Please use the comment section below to share your opinions on episode 6: Dream of Doom!

And remember, no episode links!

Turns Out Dracco Does Want a Fandom

Oh, hello. Many of you probably read my first article about the YouTube takedowns and my second (excessively angry) article about the further takedowns. Well, hopefully the situation will now be resolved.

Filly Funtasia Episode 6 to Air 5 Minutes Early

Heads up! The Monday episode of Filly Funtasia is scheduled to air 5 minutes early, and finish airing 5 minutes later, for the combined change in length of 10 minutes.

The rest of the schedule does not have this change, Filly Funtasia will continue to air normally starting with episode 7 on Tuesday.

There is no known reason for this change. The episode could be an adaptation of one of the specials. Or its air time could be filled with ads. Either way, adjust your filly watching time accordingly!

And remember, it's 5 minutes early this Monday!

17 March, 2019

Apparently Dracco Doesn't Want a Fandom

EDIT: Please refer to the latest article on this topic.

Dracco has recently gone from not interfering with YouTube at all to issuing copyright strikes to almost every single video on YouTube with "Filly Funtasia" in the title, impressively establishing themselves as one of the most dracconian abusers of YouTube's copyright system in almost no time at all.

Following up on the limited scattershot on a few videos from a few days ago, the lads at Dracco have productively spent their Saturday systematically purging YouTube of any kind of Filly Funtasia-related fan content.

Here's a short non-exhaustive list of content that was recently taken down. If your Filly Funtasia-related video was taken down and is not in this list, please let us know in the comments.