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04 March, 2023

A trailer for season 2 of Filly Funtasia might be dropping soon (and a little history lesson on FF's production)

With such power, the future promises many things...

Happy belated new year!

What better way to kick off 2023 in Funtasia Daily than with the first major Filly Funtasia news in a while?

It's been a little over two years since episodes 13-26 released in China. Now, after a long time with little to no news regarding the future of the series, it seems like 2023 will be bringing some answers to the questions left from the first season.

But, before we delve further, a little extra context on Filly Funtasia's history of delayed releases. 

22 October, 2022

More on the new German magazine

In my last post, I talked about the new Filly Magazine releasing in Germany. Since then, more pictures have been shared with me that I would now like to share with you!

More after the break.

02 October, 2022

Filly Magazine coming back to Germany, now including Filly Funtasia

In our last post, I briefly wrote about the discontinuation of the Filly Magazine published by Blue Ocean. The magazine ran monthly since 2009 and was the last remainder of classic Filly outside of China. Its last issue was released in October 2021, before it got replaced by the Lissy magazine. Subscribers to the magazine got a letter from Blue Ocean suggesting to switch to a different subscription.

Months prior to the discontinuation, Filly Magazine began to be labelled as Großer PONY-Spaß (Great pony fun) as opposed to the usual Filly-specific headlines.

Now, nearly a year later, and following Filly Funtasia's debut in Germany just 3 months ago, the Filly Magazine is seeing a comeback!

22 May, 2022

Filly Funtasia now airing in Thailand, to get German dub next month

Two months ago I wrote about Filly Funtasia making its English debut in Singapore. Now it's the turn for two more languages to join the roster of FF dubs.

09 March, 2022

"I Dare You" Animatic

It's been a while since the last time FuD got to report about anything behind-the-scenes!

Back in 2019, we wrote about a storyboard reel by storyboard artist Estefania Pizarro. The animatic later turned out to be from the then-unreleased episode Art of Magic. The video has since been deleted from the artist's Vimeo, though reuploads exist elsewhere.

Rose, Cedric and Bella in Estefania's storyboard and in the final animation.

This time it's the turn of yet another episode from the second half of the season. This animatic corresponds to the episode I Dare You and was uploaded by the artist Alba Galván last Tuesday. Unlike the one from 2019, it doesn't feature demo audio and instead shows a comparison to the completed scene, taken from the Czech dub.

06 March, 2022

Filly Funtasia to Get Full English Release in Singapore

Well, aren't these well anticipated news!

For those who have been keeping up with Filly Funtasia news, you might be familiar with the three episodes that were released in English a year ago. Now, with the third anniversary of the show's debut in Italian television just around the corner, we're seeing some exciting news!

01 April, 2021

Filly Funtasia News: Spring 2021 Roundup

Happy belated new year!

Quite some time has passed since the premiere of the second half of Filly Funtasia season 1. During that time, news regarding the show have emerged, some major, some minor, some in-between. In this post, we will list them off.

22 December, 2020

Filly Funtasia Season 2 Trailer 2 - Spoilers!

More news, more Filly!

New episodes of Filly Funtasia are just around the corner, and we're getting more and more new stuff from them. This time we have a sort of a sequel to the previous "season 2" trailer.

This new 30 second long video contains a plethora of short clips from the upcoming episodes, and as far as I can tell, all of them are new - there are no repeating clips from the previous trailer, although some of the clips seem to be taken from the same scenes, giving more context to them.

That said, this trailer is obviously full of spoilers for the upcoming episodes - this time including seemingly pretty major spoilers. Please keep that in mind when you decide whether to watch this trailer or not, and, of course, when you discuss its contents with others. The episodes are premiering in mere days, so should you decide against watching, the wait isn't going to be that long!

Find the trailer below:

19 December, 2020

New Filly Funtasia Episodes on iQIYI on the 25th of December

It's a Christmas miracle! Another Weibo post by the official Filly Funtasia account has appeared, and this time it brings us an official date, 25th of December, for what it calls the second season of Filly Funtasia. (Which is very likely to be the same episodes that will start airing on Minimax in January but is being called the second half of the first season there.)

Yes, on Christmas Day, the new episodes are coming to iQIYI, a Chinese online video platform. The episodes will likely be split up into 26 half-length episodes like the first episodes were. There's as of yet no word about a television airing in China like for season 1, but last time it took a few months after the episodes became available on iQIYI.

The Weibo post also had this poster for the second season - besides the familiar main characters from the old episodes, we've also got Amor, an Angel Filly. We've already seen another Angel Filly in the season 2 trailer, so it seems like we might see quite a lot more of the Angels in the new episodes!

13 December, 2020

Filly Funtasia Episodes 14-26 to Air on Minimax in January

It seems the new Filly Funtasia episodes are coming to more countries!

We've previously reported that the official Filly Funtasia Weibo account stated that the second season of Filly Funtasia is planned to come in December and that this would likely be the remaining thirteen episodes that were planned for first season. It's December now, and we haven't seen those episodes yet, but we've now gotten more news: Minimax is apparently planning to air "season 1 ep. 14-26"! And unlike the Chinese announcement, this one comes with a specific date: the 27th of January.

We've currently got the air date for two countries - it's stated to be "27 January" in both Serbia and Slovenia.

19 November, 2020

Filly Funtasia Gets a Hebrew Dub

Filly Funtasia continues to receive all sorts of localisations and dubs. This time the Fillys have gotten their hooves on Hebrew!

03 November, 2020

Filly Funtasia Season 2 Trailer Released, to Air in China Next Month

Yesterday, the official Filly Funtasia account on Weibo made this post:

The post translates to "The second season is coming, wait another month". It seems we can expect season 2 to air in China in December! (Presumably, this is likely the 13 remaining episodes of the originally planned to be 26 episode season 1, which will likely be split up into 26 "half-episodes" just like when the first 13 aired in China.)

It was also accompanied by a trailer, featuring some never before seen scenes! In general, this trailer is some of the most high quality Filly Funtasia footage we've seen so far. Note that the video and the commentary below may contain spoilers for future episodes:

24 October, 2020

Funtasia Daily Seven Year Anniversary



It's October! Time for yet another one of these articles to mark another year since the creation of this obscure little website.

14 August, 2020

Filly Funtasia to Air in Hungary on the 5th of September at 15:30, in Romania on the 7th of September at 17:00, in Czechia on the 16th of September at 16:05


Two months ago, we learned that Filly Funtasia was going to air on Minimax TV in numerous countries in Eastern Europe. And now we have the specific date for at least one of them!

Filly Funtasia has appeared on the upcoming Hungarian Minimax schedule, and it is set to premiere on the 5th of September at 15:30 CEST. The Filly Funtasia page specifies that the airing schedule only includes the same old 13 episodes of the show, so unfortunately there is no confirmation of the "26 x 22" season that was mentioned in the articles regarding the show's airing on Minimax two months ago.

Likewise, there is no confirmation for any of the other countries listed in these same articles - so far, Filly Funtasia appears just in the Hungarian Minimax schedule. We'll probably hear about the other dubs soon, though.



Filly Funtasia has been spotted on the Romanian Minimax schedule. It's going to air on the 7th of September, at 17:00.



Filly Funtasia has been spotted on the Czech Minimax schedule. It's going to air on the 16th of September, at 16:05.

Big thanks to BovineBonita for spotting this news! Again!

01 July, 2020

Filly Funtasia Toonz Promo (English)

A new Filly Funtasia trailer has emerged! We've seen Filly Funtasia media in a lot of various languages lately, but this time it's English's turn to shine. The previous English trailer was uploaded by Imira Entertainment a few months ago. Now Toonz Media Group, owners of Imira Entertainment, have decided to upload another Filly Funtasia trailer. This new trailer has quite a lot of things worth discussing and comparing to the aired episodes and previous trailers. Let's check it out.