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19 November, 2020

Filly Funtasia Gets a Hebrew Dub

Filly Funtasia continues to receive all sorts of localisations and dubs. This time the Fillys have gotten their hooves on Hebrew!

The dub has been initially spotted on the Sdarot-TV website, but the actual channel that is broadcasting Filly Funtasia in Hebrew is Arutz HaYeladim. Just like with the Chinese dub, the Hebrew one translates not only the voice lines, but almost all text that appears on screen, including the show title, character splashes and the credits sequence. The only exception seems to be the very last screen, which remains in English.

As a bonus to the in-show credits, the list of voice actors behind this dub, among other info, is also available here. This reveals a few fun facts, like how Cedric and Zack are voiced by the same person!

Big thanks to BovineBonita for spotting this news!