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03 November, 2020

Filly Funtasia Season 2 Trailer Released, to Air in China Next Month

Yesterday, the official Filly Funtasia account on Weibo made this post:

The post translates to "The second season is coming, wait another month". It seems we can expect season 2 to air in China in December! (Presumably, this is likely the 13 remaining episodes of the originally planned to be 26 episode season 1, which will likely be split up into 26 "half-episodes" just like when the first 13 aired in China.)

It was also accompanied by a trailer, featuring some never before seen scenes! In general, this trailer is some of the most high quality Filly Funtasia footage we've seen so far. Note that the video and the commentary below may contain spoilers for future episodes:

First, we see the Filly Five heading through some kind of gate which is covered by what looks like some kind of energy shield. It doesn't quite look like the main gate of the Academy. It may possibly be a side entrance. Sparkle's in all of the mirrors.

Next, we see a potions class. The chemical formula for Colchine is written on the blackboard.

A wide shot of the potions class. This is really similar to this concept art we've posted before:

In the next scene, the Fillys have buckets on their heads, except Lynn who has one stuck to her hoof. And Rose has a tiny umbrella?

The next scene is Rose escaping from a cave full of crystals as its doors threaten to close. Reminds me of that cave in Un'Goro. The crystal she's carrying with her looks like two seashells, and may relate to one of the Mermaid Fillys with rainbow tails, Princess Pearl or Glitterina who already appeared in season 1. The cave is by water - probably the same river that we'll see later.

Next, there's a crazy scene in the library as the Fillys are chased by origami-like polygonal monsters. As their bodies are covered in writing, it's likely library books that have been animated. The writing on them are the now-familiar Filly Runes and appears to be repeating in a pattern. This library also appears similar to what we've seen in concept art.

Bijou and Battiwigs. In a nest of paper made of what is presumably paper from library books. With baby owls? What is being implied here? Nevermind, let's move on.

Dance party! There's a lot of characters here who don't appear that often - Zack, Coach, and Ashia are all here. Look closely at the crystal atop the pillar, right next to the final "a" in the top right overlay text. We'll see a zoom-in of that a bit later. Also, this room also looks like previously seen concept art.

There's another piece of concept art to compare to here:

Jumping on the bed in Cedric's room. The Da Vinci helicopter sketch and dragon poster in the background are pretty cool.

Here we see Wranglum watching Rose through his mirror. The little crystal she has looks like the one she has in the cave scene, so it's likely the same episode.

Short clip with Batti holding up Wranglum. The texture of the thing in the bottom left looks like the pillar in the ballroom, so he's presumably there, watching the dark crystal.

A closeup of the dark crystal! It doesn't resemble the dark crystal we saw in the episode 13 story nor the dark crystal we've previously seen in concept art:

This is Angelina, the Special Angel Filly! The Angel Filly toyline wasn't released until 2018, so it's interesting to see an Angel Filly in this episode! It means that either this toyline was planned a very long time, or the episode has to have been written fairly recently. (recently on the Filly development timeline, that is)

Rose watching Angelina's entrance.

At the end of the promo, Rose does some magic with the crystal seen previously to summon a rainbow that takes her over a river back to the Academy.

Also written by Zejgar.