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28 November, 2014

Promo #4 with Multi-Language Subs

Youtube user TomSFox has uploaded a version of the fourth Filly Funtasia promo with subtitles in English, German, Italian, as well as Norwegian and Danish! You can turn on the subtitles by clicking the CC button and switch the language by clicking the cog button. Find the video below:

12 November, 2014

Filly Funtasia to Air on Vme TV in the U.S.

Looks like we have another channel! Previously, we've seen an article suggesting Filly Funtasia will air on Clan TVE in Spain, now there's a Yahoo! Finance article saying Filly Funtasia is coming to Vme TV in the U.S.!

Since that's a Hispanic channel, that means it'll most likely air in Spanish. We also know the show is being produced in English and German, but there's yet to be any information about where those versions will air.

02 November, 2014

Filly Funtasia FAQ

Lately there's been more Filly Funtasia discussion across the internet than usual - but a lot of people seem confused about some of the details of the show. We've posted a lot of information on this website, but as of writing we're at 68 articles (not counting this one) - a bit hefty to read through when you're just trying to find out what this Funtasia thing is!

That's the idea for this FAQ - a quick way to get up to speed with the gist of what's known. Read it all, after the break.