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24 October, 2014

Funtasia Daily One Year Anniversary

Yep, it's been a whole year since the day Funtasia Daily first started!
It's also one year and nine days since the release of the first trailer which started the ride for most of us. (I forgot to mark that, because we got a brand new video!) Those nine days between the first trailer and the start of this website were pretty hectic!  (Recap continues after the break.)

18 October, 2014

October Video Followup

Now that we've all had a few days to calm down after the new video, let's take a closer look at it. There are several interesting things in the trailer - it's the second one after the very first one to have dialogue, it's the first one to show a long, (seemingly) uninterrupted sequence from an episode, and it was released to Funtasia Daily first, which was really cool. Senpai noticed me!

The video itself was noticed by plenty of other people too - it's the first one since the very first trailer to make the rounds on the websites of that other fandom. To all my new visitors - welcome. Be sure to check out the third trailer if you haven't seen it yet - it got a lot less attention in the ponynet than the new one, but it's certainly worth seeing.

The analysis follows, after the break.

13 October, 2014

Exclusive Filly Funtasia Video

Yes, you read that right! I am very proud to present a brand new Filly Funtasia video, released exclusively to Funtasia Daily! We'll have a post up analyzing it later, but for now, let's just enjoy it.

11 October, 2014

A Guide to Filly Magic

As everyone knows, Filly Funtasia is all about Magic, Spells and Fun. The official description for the show says that "the Fillys enjoy everyday school life, learning to master their unique, and magical, crystal powers -often with rather unexpected results- in these coming of age sitcom stories".

Now, I don't know if there's been any reference to "crystal powers" so far in the toy canon, but they certainly describe quite varied magic! It appears so far that the show will mostly follow the toy canon, so what can we expect the Fillys to learn at Funtasia's magical school? Let's take a look.