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11 October, 2014

A Guide to Filly Magic

As everyone knows, Filly Funtasia is all about Magic, Spells and Fun. The official description for the show says that "the Fillys enjoy everyday school life, learning to master their unique, and magical, crystal powers -often with rather unexpected results- in these coming of age sitcom stories".

Now, I don't know if there's been any reference to "crystal powers" so far in the toy canon, but they certainly describe quite varied magic! It appears so far that the show will mostly follow the toy canon, so what can we expect the Fillys to learn at Funtasia's magical school? Let's take a look.

The Filly Elves have magic that seems to be connected to moods. The story on the Filly Elves toy site describes Emocia like this: "The beautiful Princess Jewel lives in her Magical Tree Palace. Here is a magical fountain of the most spectacular beauty. The enchanted water from it runs down the Rainbow Waterfall into the Lake of Emotions. From here flow five Rivers of Moods, each in its own colour."

Princess Jewel, who is the ruler as well as the founder of Emocia, has a magical moodstone which shows the "five different moods in Emocia", and which gets stronger the more she polishes it. The stone also allows her to "magically visit" the different Filly Elves families, which probably means she can teleport.

The five Filly Elves families are the "Tricky", "Lucky", "Happy", "Pretty" and "Loving" Fillys. Are those the five moods then? Probably. The toy site describes the Magic Flower House as being next to the "green River of Luck", so presumably the other five rivers are also connected to their respective Filly families. I'm not sure if I would describe all of these as a "mood", personally, so maybe this shouldn't be taken too literally. Also, the Filly Elves magic seems really varied. Let's look at some examples.

Two of the Lucky Elves are strongly connected to nature - Patrick is a healer who finds healing herbs and plants in the forest, and Ronja is described as a "forest nymph"(though the English toy site translates it as "Dryad") while Sibyl is a fortune teller and Madeline is a mind reader.

The Lucky part almost seems like an afterthought, which means the Fillys' magic does not not necessarily have to be that connected to the magic type.
Then, we have the case of the Filly Wika! She's a Tricky Elf, but is described as a Hexe ("Witch") in the Sammelband. Her description describes how she dances in a magical circle at night - and that her magic is very mysterious and that no one knows what causes it.

It might seem a bit weird that a Witch isn't a Witchy Filly - it's kind of similar to how there are princesses that aren't Princess Fillys. However, Princess Fillys and Witchy Fillys are referred to as such in German while the title "princess" is referred to as "prinzessin" and Wika is a "Hexe" - it's clear in German but confusing when translated (like the pluralization of "Filly")

Bella, one of the show's main characters, is also an Elf. She's a "Pretty" Elf, and her main unique ability is that she can talk to birds. In the third trailer, we can see her summoning a mirror. This seems to be a non-verbal spell, and we also see Al and Rose with magical mirror - these mirrors might be pretty common.
Summoning in progress.

Similar to the Filly Elves, the islands of Crystalia where the Filly Unicorn live also have their own type of magic, and each magic is connected to a color - light pink for romance, dark pink for beauty, yellow for party, green for friendship and blue for dreams. That seems to partially overlap the categories that the Filly Elves have, but some of it is different.

The ruler of Crystalia, Princess Sparkle, has a crown with gems of those five colors, which can't be a coincidence.

Unlike in some other horse cartoons, the Unicorns are not the most magical type of horse - they seem to have non-magical professions, unlike the Witchys. Rose, our main character, is described as an artist.

Best scene of the trailer right here.
Another thing to note is that the mirrors in the trailer can be levitated by the Fillys. You can assume that means they can probably use telekinesis on other objects too, and that this is part of the "standard package" of magic. Rose also does this in the trailer:

It's a shining beam of light from the mirror! Presumably to light up the dark forest, or maybe to act as a beacon to show where they are?

Now, I've previously said like it looks like the magic is non-verbal in Filly Funtasia, but you can actually see her say something right before she casts the spell if you look closely. She also makes a gesture as she casts it. Of course, we don't know if magic will always look and work like that, but it does show that the magic mirrors have several uses besides communication over distance.

Then, there are the Filly Witchys, which are also divided into several different types of magic: Light, Water, Flower, Wind, Heart and "Special", with Special being the two twin sisters Abra and Cadabra who have the greatest "Zauberkraft" (magic power?) and know all the "Zauberspr├╝che". (spells?)

The Witchys seem to have strong connections to magic -  many of them are described as magicians, Wind Witchy Storm is "Herrin des Windes" while Light Witchy Baltazar is a friggin' dragontamer.

You can tell which type a Witchy Filly is by the color of the cape that gives them magical power - pink for Heart, purple for Flower, yellow for Light, green for Wind, blue for Water and white for Special. One of our main characters is Lynn, who is a Wind Filly. Her toy site description says that she doesn't believe her cape has any power, and that thunderstorms sometimes appear when she is angry.

The trailer gives us this scene:

You can see that Lynn is the last Filly to let go of the table, and the vortex certainly looks like it could be connected to Wind magic, has Lynn perhaps caused this? Maybe, I guess we'll find out eventually!

And then the Filly Fairys, the Fillys with thin green fairy wings! We don't see Will perform any magic in the trailers (I think?) and the Fairys don't seem to have any "magic groups", but let's take a look at a few interesting Fillys.

If you're named Magic, you should be able to perform some pretty great magic.
Magic, the Fairy King, arrives to the Magical Fairy Land from a faraway land once a year on a boat. According to the toy site, "his horn contains the most powerful magic in the universe." (As a side note, the English toy site uses "his" while the German toy site as well as the Sammelband consistently use the gender neutral "es" pronoun, and that's most likely more correct since German is the original language for these descriptions.)

The horn is pretty special - Magic is the only Filly with both Fairy wings and a horn. And the wings are white rather than the more common green wings. Lastly, I have to mention that the Sammelband description mentions how Magic "loves Spaghetti". While Magic is the only Filly so far with a horn and Fairy wings, there are other Fillys with wings and horns...

Al the Angelcorn

The trailer shows us "Al" with the rather unique angel wings. However, there is an "Angel" in the Filly Sammelband.

Rafael, the Angel

Rafael has golden wings instead of Al's white, and does not seem to have a horn (?), but they both have star shapes in their crowns, and the same feathery wings. Rafael is listed as a Filly Fairy, and the description describes how he arrives when there's a starfall. Notice the blue shooting star on the blackboard in the classroom scene above! Perhaps there's a connection here.

The impact of the blue orb, probably from the starfall depicted in the classroom scene

The orb up close
Did I forget anyone?
Oh, right.
The Princess Fillys seem the least connected to magic - they don't seem to have magic groups and I couldn't find any prolific magic users among them.

There's some more material that could be analyzed, but this should be the most important details about magic in the Filly World from the trailer and toy material - at least until we get something new to analyze!