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25 October, 2015

Filly Funtasia Lead Modeler Interview

More details of Filly Funtasia development break the surface of concealment. The long story of this production is very hard to tell without filling the holes of the unknown with assumptions - assumptions that sometimes have little to do with the truth. Thankfully, once in a while we get the chance to take a sneak peek and gather bits of information, however small they might be. And sometimes the members of the crew are happy to tell us these bits themselves, without unnecessary difficulties.

This week, Cheng Ye, Lead Modeler for Filly Funtasia who worked for Black Dragon, kindly addressed some professional questions that were asked by RaichuWizDom - also known as Wise Cracker.

You can read the interview below.

Filly Funtasia - Now on IMDb

Yep! Besides the Tvtropes listing, Filly Funtasia now also has a brand new IMDb listing created by Tom S. Fox! Go fill it up with information! (Now who's going to make the Wikipedia page?)

24 October, 2015

Funtasia Daily Two Year Anniversary

Has it really been two years? It might not feel like it, but it sure has! Two years ago on this day, Funtasia Daily first opened up, with a mission to report on everything related to that cartoon show which was due to launch in about half a year. After two years, we’ve seen a few more trailers, found out some more about the world of Funtasia, and seen the launch of a few more Filly toylines - and the show is still not out, but is due to launch next year as always. Let’s take a short look at what’s happened over the last year.

Magical World Promo - Fan Videos

The promo has been out for a while, and it was a nice one! Our analysis post is coming soon (so much to talk about!), but until then, you can check out some videos, after the break!

06 October, 2015

EVEN MORE Filly Funtasia Footage + Magical World Extended

Apparently BRB Internacional, Dracco Ltd., Black Dragon, Screen21 all together have decided to drown us in content this week. We have been given 17 seconds one day, one minute the other day, and today we are given whole two minutes of Filly Funtasia footage, complete with The Magical World playing in the background all the way through.

I am exhausted for words. Go watch and bask in the glory.




05 October, 2015

October 2015 Reel: More Footage!

It's the Magical World, where everyone shines!

Surprises keep coming! Just three days after the super-quick one minute demo reel of the shows BRB Internacional brought to MIPCOM 2015, they went ahead and uploaded another demo reel, which is five minutes long. And the first minute of this video is fully dedicated to Filly Funtasia, gifting us with insane (relatively) amounts of new video footage.

But that's not all. Video footage is great, but it's even better when it's accompanied by audio! And in this case we have The Magical World - a song that was hinted to exist in this German February article, and since then has appeared in various commercials for the toys that can be found on the MyFilly Youtube channel page. And it finally appears here. Even though it's still not available in its full form, promo 6 grants what seems to be the first third of it.

But enough talk, have a watch!

And here's a video with the Filly Funtasia segment only:

04 October, 2015

BRB October 2015 Reel - Filly Funtasia Portions Analysis

Surprise! In detail!
The year 2015 has been a tough year for Filly Funtasia. For the majority of the year, the creators of the show have remained mostly silent, dropping only a few mentions of it here and there. In particular, the last time there was any new video footage was almost a whole year ago, which pushed the total amount of available Filly Funtasia video content to five minutes and one second.

Mere days ago, BRB finally uploaded more Filly Funtasia in all its glory, shuffled into one video with other shows. There are 18 sections in the October 2015 Reel, 5 of which are dedicated to Filly Funtasia - and within these five sections, a whole fourteen scenes are shown. As promised, these scenes have been furiously analyzed, and the results are right here, after the break.

02 October, 2015

BRB Internacional Releases October 2015 Reel (Filly Included!)

It's the beginning of October, which means that MIPCOM 2015, a large annual meeting of various content creators, is about to happen. One particular attendee of MIPCOM 2015 is BRB Internacional, who has already visited the meeting both one and two years ago - and both of these times have granted us promos for Filly Funtasia, which you can watch here (2013) and here (2014).

Naturally, BRB have to make their presence at MIPCOM 2015, and one of the best ways to do that is to play a reel of their content - bright, quick, and showcasing, a reel is sure to attract attention. Especially when it has new Filly Funtasia footage in it. Especially the attention of its fans.

See the new astounding 16 whole seconds of new Filly Funtasia footage right here, right now! Cut for your convenience.

The full video can be found below the cut one. Enjoy!

 Cut video:


Full video:

The video will be dismantled for furious analysis at a future point for all to see. Stay tuned!