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24 October, 2015

Funtasia Daily Two Year Anniversary

Has it really been two years? It might not feel like it, but it sure has! Two years ago on this day, Funtasia Daily first opened up, with a mission to report on everything related to that cartoon show which was due to launch in about half a year. After two years, we’ve seen a few more trailers, found out some more about the world of Funtasia, and seen the launch of a few more Filly toylines - and the show is still not out, but is due to launch next year as always. Let’s take a short look at what’s happened over the last year.

For a long time, it looked like we wouldn't get any trailer this year, but then we got our fifth full trailer, the Magical World music video! It's the first look at the state of Filly Funtasia for about a year, and it looks better than ever - the work put into improving the graphical side of the show since the very first trailer really shows. Now we hope to see some more information about the upcoming release of the show! (It would also be really nice to see it air in some more countries, fingers crossed!)

We did also get a first look at an image of the Filly Funtasia website at fillyfuntasia.com during the event, and later a second look at an interactable yet quite unfinished version at dracconews.com/home.

This year saw the launch of the Filly Stars, which in my personal opinion has been the most well-crafted Filly toyline to date. (I also have a soft spot for the Witchys) It also indirectly gave us some more information about Filly Funtasia by revealing Zack as being one of the mysterious “Filly Moonlights”. It also gave us Scorpio who is clearly best Filly:


Some concept art was found during the year, though it was produced earlier. It can be seen in our articles about the scenery concept art and early development concept art. It revealed some details about the elaborate planning that's gone behind the neat-looking visuals of Filly Funtasia. Another informative event was our Filly Headwriter AMA, where we got answers to some long-held questions about the history of Filly.

This year, I’ve also helped put two other Filly websites online. There’s Fillychan, a Filly-centered imageboard, which uses NorthBoard, the imageboard software developed for Northpole.fi, a former imageboard known for its serious discussions. We've also moved the FillyWiki to its own website. It's still got the same content as the old one, but it features a new layout and the additional freedom that comes with being an independent site.

Hopefully, by the time I write the next article like this in a year, the show will finally have been out for a while, and we'll have plenty of content to talk about!

Just like in my article one year ago, I would like to thank everyone out there who has contributed to this proto-fandom in some way, and everyone who's willing to give this show a chance. Quite a lot of patience is needed to stay excited about a show that keeps getting pushed back, but hopefully the delays will come to an end and we'll finally get to see that elusive show.