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18 January, 2015

Filly Stars - a Second Look

When I wrote the old post about the Filly Stars, we knew very little about them - but over the past two weeks, a lot more has surfaced! Let's take a closer look at the new Filly type, after the break.

Source: http://schmidtiesshop.de/product_info.php?products_id=8208
Turns out I was wrong when speculating that Siria could be the Filly Stars ruler! Instead, it appears that Skylia, the kingdom of the Filly Stars located above the clouds, is ruled by the queen Cassiopeia and the princess Zodia! They all seem to have names related to stars, constellations, or space and are divided into four families - Starlight, Sunlight, Skylight and Twilight. Siria, who is one of the Sunlights, seems to instead be the guardian of the Star Palace, as Blue Ocean explains on their facebook page.

Source: http://filly.blue-ocean.de/magazin/4
Here, we can see Siria presenting some locations in Skylia - the House of Magic Doors belongs to the Skylights, the Star Palace to the Sunlights, the Cloud Ship to the Twilights, and the Lighthouse to the Starlights. There's also the Rainbow Bridge which leads to the fabled dark part of the kingdom. To find out even more about Skylia, you can read the new articles on the Filly Wiki.

The location is also somewhat similar to Crystalia, the home of the Unicorn Fillys, in that they are both located among the clouds.

I wonder which one is higher up?

Just recently, it appears that the toy site for the Stars has come online!

The river that stems from the Starlight Castle creates rain in the Filly World when it overflows! It seems that the Stars control the weather on the Filly World in general too, according to the Story.
There, we find out the following about the Star Palace:

You have to dock your ship or boat here – or whatever vehicle you are arriving to Skylia in. You go in through the Star Palace and then you are in Skylia. Entrances to other Filly kingdoms look the same, and this is why the Water Palace in the Filly Butterfly world looks the same.

The resemblance is there!
But do the character bios have any interesting information? Well...

Oh yes. That name cannot be a coincidence - I refuse to believe it. Unfortunately, there are no bios on the Filly Stars site for the Filly Moonlights, so it can't be confirmed 100%. But I think it's pretty likely.

Zack, from the Filly Funtasia trailers. A Filly Moonlight prince from the mysterious dark side of Skylia! Probably.
But wait, there's more! There's some more information about the dark side of Skylia in the story section. "The bridge only appears at twilight and is the link to another darker part of Skylia. Here the moon casts long shadows, and it is said that many hidden secrets lie here."

And "To the other Fillys® in Skylia, this Moonlight region is considered a mysterious place, and they only go there to collect rare crystals."

Rare crystals! Zack's first line in the new teaser is "Oh no, the crystal!" Is the blue crystal in the trailer a rare crystal that's fallen down from Skylia?

"The Filly® Moonlights inhabit this part of Skylia. All Fillys® in Skylia used to live together as one united kingdom long ago. Nobody remembers why, but something created a rift and the Fillys® of Starlight and Moonlight drifted apart."

"One day, Princess Zodia meets Prince Zack of the Moonlights by accident. They instantly become friends! They have to hide their friendship from their families, but as their friendship becomes stronger, the rainbow bridge appears for a longer and longer time each day."

"Will Skylia finally be reunited?"

Cassiopeia has a starship!
But wait, there's more! Again! There's a "Filly Stars Pets" section when clicking on Filly Tree, where there's one pet for each month, keeping with the zodiac theme of the stars.

However, it looks like they put the wrong text in those descriptions. Actually, it looks like they put something there which was only intended for internal use and apparently contains an extended proposal for a synopsis for upcoming Filly stories in each month's Filly magazine. Oops. They're most likely going to fix that once they realize that they put the wrong text there. (The site is not yet linked to anywhere so they may not have anticipated that people would be snooping around this early.)

Since it contains spoilers for things that look like they're supposed to be revealed ten months from now, I've put the text in a pastebin rather than here, so you can all read it at your own risk: http://pastebin.com/UB3mu6Zt

EDIT: The pet descriptions have now been corrected.

Whew, that was a whole bunch of new stuff! I'll be posting all the new developments as they're revealed - if you've found something interesting, don't hesitate to post it in the comments or to drop an email to [email protected] !