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31 January, 2014

Monthly Roundup #2

Let's do another one of these! We had a "Monthly Roundup" last month about all the small bits of news that didn't really merit an article of their own and once again there's a few tidbits for your perusal, after the break.

17 January, 2014

Drawfilly #5

It's time for some more fanart! You'll find it all after the break.

This first image is by Ponychan user Time Lord who also created our new site banner!

15 January, 2014

Filly Butterfly

It's time to delve into the world of the Filly toy line yet again! The new seasonal Filly toy for 2014 appears to be "Filly Butterfly". Just like the other kinds of Fillies, it has a toy site up for us to explore, after the break.

09 January, 2014

Filly Funtasia Serial Thread

Since the last Filly Funtasia general thread 404'd a few weeks ago, there hasn't been a constant imageboard thread about it. Well, now there is one once again! A new Filly Funtasia serial thread called "Fillychan" has been created on Ponychan's /gala/ board where you can discuss anything Filly Funtasia related. You can find the thread here. You can also find it linked in the sidebar to the right of this website.

TBI Vision Filly Funtasia Article

The TV magazine TBI Vision is another one of the publications that have written an article about Filly Funtasia. The article is by no means new: it's actually several months old and has been discussed previously on imageboards; but it has yet to be posted (or analyzed!) on this website. Check it out after the break.

Filly Funtasia Trailer with Spanish Subtitles

YouTube user ZEO RADAMANTIS has uploaded a subtitled version of the Filly Funtasia trailer in Spanish to YouTube for all of you Spanish speaking people out there! Check it out after the break.

05 January, 2014

Filly World

We've previously analyzed some of the information available on the sites for the different Filly toy lines on dracco.filly.com, but we haven't delved into the main site on filly.com yet! To save the readers of this blog from having to browse through an all-Flash website with autoplaying sound, the findings are summarized after the break.