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20 December, 2013

Monthly Roundup

While there hasn't been too much happening in the world of Filly Funtasia lately, we do have a few small bits of news for you, after the break.

During December 3-6, BRB Internactional presented Filly Funtasia at the Asia TV Forum in Singapore. After scouring the internet's screening sites for a possible new screening from this event, it seems like there isn't one, unfortunately. There's also not much more information about the show itself in the press release.
BRB Internacional presenting Filly Funtasia at Asia TV Forum
Source: http://www.brb.es/en/news/brb-internacional-present-its-new-series-asia-tv-forum

They do seem confident however that Filly Funtasia has attracted a lot of interest in Asia and remain set on launching the show "around the world" in 2014. We don't yet have any more details about that other than the YouTube comment left by BRB stating that the show should be ready for MIPTV (07 - 10 April 2014). I guess we just have to wait and see to find out when and where it will eventually air. Confirmed languages so far are English, German and Spanish.

Another new thing is the updated product description for Filly Funtasia on BRB's website. It gives us some information on the popularity of the Filly toy line and reveals that (spoilers) the Fillies will discover that friendship is the most powerful force that exists in a new course at the Filly Magic Academy.
BRB's information page describing Filly Funtasia
Thanks to My Little Life on Mars for sending this information in. Source: http://www.brb.es/en/licensing/tv-series/filly-funtasia
Another piece of news is this interview snippet from MIPJunior with Carlos Biern, CEO of BRB Internacional, where he discusses Filly Funtasia. It seems they're trying to broaden the appeal of Filly to boys with the new show.

A MIPJunior interview with Carlos Biern, CEO of BRB Internacional

Continuing with some more trailer analysis, brony fanfic writer RaichuWizDom points out in an email that Willow's left eyebrow cuts off for a bit at 0:23.
Possible animation error on Will's eyebrow
The show's first animation error?
You can see the same thing at other points in the video.
Comparison shot of Will
Maybe it's supposed to be like that. It looks kinda weird, though.
The video itself is still set as unlisted, so I guess they intend to keep it that way for now. There's also some more messages from BRB that I don't think were ever posted here, like this one:

Word from BRB's twitter on Willow's name
And of course, this:
BRB Internacional commenting on Funtasia Daily
oh gosh~