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31 January, 2015

Filly Funtasia Concept Art Sketches

It's been a while since we had any significant Filly Funtasia news, so let's have some not-that-significant Filly Funtasia news. It's two pictures of concept art!

Maybe we'll be getting a beach episode! What settings would you like Filly Funtasia to explore?

30 January, 2015

The Filly Witchy Story - Issue 1

Hello good people! I hope you're having fun here, in this megapolis of Filly Funtasia Fandom, because I certainly do! My nickname is Zejgar, you may know me from my endless Twitter ramblings and my finite Tumblr posts. I am a fan of My Little Pony Generation 3, among many other things. And now I'm here! Isn't that great?


Boy, what a rough time we live in. Filly Funtasia, the very reason why this website exists, refuses to show its face to the public for more than a couple of minutes. We know it is coming, eventually, but right now the entire fandom is very similiar to a cult, in which every member hails one another and reminds that, yes, the promised land shall soon be reached. It takes a special kind of persistency to maintain interest in all of this.

Thankfully, Filly Funtasia is not the only thing in the Filly franchise! Double thankfully, Filly frachise has a lot of things that, if aren't good, at least seem to be full of effort. The toylines and their detail may surprise an average Hasbro customer, since you get more stuff than a figurine and its name.

A lot of you probably already know of Filly Stars leaked story arc (if not, check the news below), and while it is one of the first legit story arcs of the franchise, it is not THE first one. For before that, a story arc had its place in the mystical world of Filly Witchy. The arc consisted of twelve pieces, distributed monthly, and each piece came in the form of a comic issue.

Today I would like to acquaint you all with the first issue of Filly Witchy magazine, by showing you a comic. Check it out (in my somewhat tolerable RU->EN translation) after the break.

29 January, 2015

Fillychan - Filly Funtasia Imageboard

While Filly Funtasia (and Filly without Funtasia) has been discussed on imageboards for years, there has never been an imageboard dedicated to the franchise - until the Funtasian "Skundi" (ethics disclosure: that's me!) recently decided to start an independent imageboard called Fillychan dedicated to Filly and Funtasia. The website is available at http://www.fillychan.com/

Go check it out and see if it's to your liking! It uses the same board software as the now-defunct Finnish imageboard Northpole. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions related to the site, you can post them in the comments below, post them on the site's /meta/ board, or email them to [email protected]

24 January, 2015

Filly Funtasia in 2016

It's delayed, again.

A German article (there's also an English one but with less detail) recently popped up on Brandora with some details about the merchandise we can expect for the Filly Stars. It also says that we can expect a range of toy products based on the TV series, that it's progressing very well, and hints that there will be a DVD release.

But unfortunately, it also says that the release of the show is now planned for Q1 2016. The last known previous estimated release date was Autumn 2015, which was given in a YouTube comment from the official BRB account in October last year.

Meanwhile, the text on fillyfuntasia.com still says "26 x 26' CGI TV animation for 2014" as of writing which is getting increasingly outdated.

23 January, 2015

Scorpio is Best Filly

The Filly Stars have been pretty great, in my opinion. They've started linking together the storylines about the different Filly types and done some world building to solidify how the Filly World works. That really helps build the setting into a coherent world. The bios are longer now and contain lots of neat little pieces of information - like how Saga's bio reveals that there's a school in Skylia where magic is taught. Maybe that'll be mentioned in Filly Funtasia! But all that pales before the fact that the Stars include the Best Filly.

An unbiased assessment.
Now here's a Filly who's clearly doing some truly admirable work. Doesn't get much better than that!

18 January, 2015

Filly Stars - a Second Look

When I wrote the old post about the Filly Stars, we knew very little about them - but over the past two weeks, a lot more has surfaced! Let's take a closer look at the new Filly type, after the break.

05 January, 2015

Filly Stars

It looks like we're getting a new Filly type - the Filly Stars! Read more after the break.

02 January, 2015

3rd Promo Song - 10 Hour Version

Hello there! I hope you've all had a lovely holiday season. If you liked the soundtrack for the 3rd Filly Funtasia promo and want to listen to it from now until forever - now you can! Zejgar has uploaded a 10 hour version of the extended promo song: