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18 August, 2014

Filly Funtasia Promo Song Extended

Here's one for everyone who liked the music from the third promo. Youtube user Zejgar has created an extended mix that hints at what the full length version of the song might sound like! Check it out after the break.

Now, all we need is a 10 hour version, so we can listen to it from now until forever.


  1. Willy the Shilly10 September, 2014 05:48

    Fillyfilling thread when????

  2. Updating the comment section? Ok then, works for me. At least I can use my Google account now :)

    1. Actually, it apparently decided to revert to default Blogger comments instead of the newer IntenseDebate comment system for this post. Why? I dunno.

    2. ... Alright then. Could you make it so people can use Google accounts in the future perhaps? I don't own accounts on any of the other sites provided, you see.

    3. IntenseDebate does not appear to have support for that, unfortunately. I should be able to switch back to the old commenting system if most people want that, though.

  3. I strongly approve of this. - HareTrinity


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