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05 August, 2014

Summer Roundup

Yes, after monthly roundups, it's time to move on to seasonal roundups. Such is the pre-hiatus. Let's get up to speed with all that's happened since our last post.

Do you remember this character from the last trailer who didn't match any of the Filly kinds which had toy sites?
angel filly al the angelcorn
"Al the Angelcorn", as popularly dubbed.
Looks like the mystery might be solved! The enterprising folks at Fillychan have dug up some information about the Filly Angels.
angelcorn prototype
Found by Time Lord
It's a taobao prototype, and it appears to be pretty similar to Al! They've both got feathery wings, and star crowns. But it's not the first time we've seen these "angel fillies" with angel-like wings and star crowns, they've appeared a few times in the world of Filly before.

filly angel
Pic courtesy of my-filly-horses
So far, we haven't seen Al himself in one of the toys though.
filly angel
Pic courtesy of my-filly-horses
And it looks like they were called angels, too! Maybe we'll see more of them in the show? Lastly, there seems to have been one more example of "alicorn-like" Fillies with feathery wings from Filly Beach Party. (That's the line which has the toy site that went defunct last year.)

Pic from here, found by Time Lord
And now, for some news.

There's an article by Rapid TV News. It's not very long, but it does seem to imply that Filly Funtasia will air on TVE's children's channel in Spain. If so, it would be the first confirmed channel for Filly Funtasia.

There's another one by Toy News. Nothing new in it, but it does confirm that they still have a very positive outlook on Filly Funtasia's future.

Lastly, there's one by ttv news which confirms that there was no new Filly Funtasia preview for NATPE Europe. A few previews for other BRB shows did appear on WorldScreen, though.

But there was a new BRB compilation video which included an updated version of a shot from the first trailer!
batti comparison filly funtasia
Comparison by Time Lord
Looks like they're still updating the textures and whatnot! It shows that we can't assume that anything we've seen in the trailers so far is the final version.