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31 December, 2016

Fillywiki.com Shutdown

Hello everyone! The end of 2016 is upon us, and what better way to round off such a year than by shutting something down? Yes, the Wiki that I have been hosting on fillywiki.com for some time will be shut down at the end of January, one month from now. Intended to replace a Wiki hosted by Wikia in order to provide a more certain admin structure and better possibilities for customization, it never became more popular than its more accessible and established counterpart and lately has stagnated completely.

24 December, 2016

Merry Christmas

21 December, 2016

Dracco Releases a Bunch of Slide Puzzle Apps - Filly Included!

Throughout this year, Dracco have released around four dozen applications on the Google Play store. Most of them are small collections of 5x5 slide puzzles related to different Dracco brands. In November and December, however, Dracco released five slide puzzle apps themed after Filly and Filly Funtasia.
A typical screencap of a Slide Puzzle app
While they're nowhere near as spanning as Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure or even Filly Cupcake Shop, the puzzle images contained within them uncover slightly more information about the upcoming show. In this article, we will take a look at the five apps one by one and discuss the images.

27 November, 2016

Screen21 Interview

Finally a video with some new Filly Funtasia material! Well, it's not really that new since it was uploaded almost half a year ago, and it's not a promo - it's an interview with Toni García, creative director of Screen21. However, you can see some never before seen Filly Funtasia material in the background of the interview. Let's take a look at it!

24 November, 2016

Filly Funtasia's "New Status"

Looks like Filly Funtasia might not be cancelled after all! Dracco has recently begun responding to queries about Filly Funtasia through their MyFilly account with a message:

As you may notice, the answer doesn't really match the question. That's because this seems to be the answer they respond with to every Filly Funtasia-related question right now, according to the conversations people have shown us. It appears that this statement is all that they are willing to (or able to) give us right now, so please don't go flooding their account with questions.

So Dracco is still working on Filly Funtasia according to their Facebook page - and they will announce a "new information and status". Now, this could mean a lot of things, but "new status" makes it sound like some large change has occurred. Meanwhile, a few things have also happened on BRB's end:

23 November, 2016

The Next Filly Toyline

We've focused awfully much on the woes of the Filly Funtasia show lately. Let's take some time to talk about the Filly toyline which at this point still seems to be on track. As we've written about in our FYI series, a new major Filly toyline has been released once each year for a long time, and it's typically released quite early in the year. That means that we can expect to see a new Filly toyline in a few months time. Now, while we can't really know what exactly that toyline might be, we have a feeling that they're going to remake Filly Fairy. Let's take a look at why they might do that.

13 November, 2016

BRB's Filly Funtasia Videos Now Private

It keeps happening! Last time we ran an article about BRB's removals of Filly Funtasia material, we commented that this might be the last article like that from us since they were running out of places to remove Filly Funtasia from - silly me, I had completely forgotten about their video uploads! The original uploads of Promo #1 (the original video from way back in 2013) and Promo #4 (the one they actually sent to us) are now set to private. Don't worry though, they're not gone forever, both #1 and #4 have been reuploaded on the Filly Funtasia fan channel as a response to BRB's removal. The videos are embedded at the end of the article.

06 November, 2016

Filly Funtaudio

About a week ago, we announced that we'd be holding an extended discussion, and take the opportunity to answer some of your questions. As a result of that, we present to you: "Filly Funtaudio" - an extended podcast-y discussion between Skundi (that's me!) and Zejgar. It's pretty long, so you might want to put it on in the background while you play some video games.

05 November, 2016

Filly Funtasia Removed From Screen21's Website

What, again? Yes, once again, there has been another removal of Filly Funtasia since the last article about Filly Funtasia removals was written. Take a look at what Screen21's website looked like last time and how it looks now:

Something is missing, I can't quite place it
Just like for Apolo Films, the Screen21 page for Filly Funtasia is still present, it's just that all links to it have been removed. However, they did delete the page's header image for some reason. Let's recap what's happened:

04 November, 2016

Filling You In #5: Spin-off Toy Lines & Expansions

This is the last installment in the Filly toy line sub-series of the "Fill(y)ing You In" article series. Throughout the last three entries, we looked at the primary toy lines of Filly, which have defined what the brand represents. Today, we will discuss special branches of Filly that are sprinkled over the years of its existence.

03 November, 2016

BRB Still Revealing Nothing About Filly Funtasia

The attempts at finding out what's happened to Filly Funtasia after recent events continue. Tom S Fox has been in contact with Filly Funtasia writer Jymn Magon to hear if he knows anything. Last autumn, he was in Barcelona for a meeting about Filly Funtasia, but apparently he hasn't heard from them in months now.

Meanwhile, BRB themselves have finally responded to one of many messages sent to them about Filly Funtasia - albeit with an answer that only revealed that they seemingly really don't want to reveal anything about Filly Funtasia right now.

I'd like to thank Tom S. Fox and our anonymous Facebooker for sending this in. If you have been in contact with anyone about Filly Funtasia's fate or if you know anything we don't, please send it in to [email protected]. Even if it's bad news. At this point, I'd prefer being told that the worst has happened to Filly Funtasia remaining vaporware forever.

02 November, 2016

Removal of Filly Funtasia from BRB's Website Continues

It keeps happening! As we've previously reported on, there was no Filly Funtasia at this year's MIPCOM, which was revealed to us at about the same time that Filly Funtasia was removed from the overview on Apolo Films' website and the Filly Funtasia info page on BRB's website was made inaccessible. Well, Filly Funtasia has now been removed from a few more parts of BRB's website since we wrote that article. Let's take a look.

01 November, 2016

Filling You In #4: Modern Toy Lines

Welcome to another entry in the toy line sub-series of the Fill(y)ing You In series! This article will touch on the three latest primary Filly toy lines: these lines came to be after Filly Funtasia was already announced, and after the creation of this very website. Judging by the rate of their appearance, in early 2017 there is going to be yet another new toy line, which will get its own separate article (or articles) - but for now, let us marvel at what currently are the remaining modern Filly toy lines.

31 October, 2016

Where Fantasy Horses Come From

Hello there! I'm HareTrinity and this is my very first time writing for this site. The plan is for me to start posting reviews of non-Filly animated series, episodes, and films featuring prominent fantasy equines, but this first article will instead be about legendary horses.

Now, you're likely familiar with today's fantasy equines having horns and/or wings, but how much do you know about the mythology and folklore behind these creatures? Do you want to know about the gory origin of Pegasus or man-eating equines of legend?

Thank you, Magicas!

Join me after the page break for a brief overview of a few striking examples of legendary equines and, as I'm posting on Halloween night, expect some unfriendly horse beasts!

30 October, 2016

Your Questions Wanted!

Hello everyone! It's now been a week since we started running daily updates (which we will keep doing for a limited time), and a week and a half since the end of MIPCOM. At this point, the assumption that we're not getting any Filly Funtasia news out of MIPCOM this year is a fairly safe one to make.

So let's do something different, yet again. In about a week from now, me (that's Skundi) and Zejgar will be holding a long discussion where we go over the current situation, what we think could happen in the future, and what our plans for this website are. We also want to take that opportunity to answer any questions and discuss anything you feel should be discussed!

Whether it be something about this site itself, or something about Filly/Filly Funtasia (we do know a few things about it by now!) or something else you want to know about or feel should be discussed - we'd like to take the opportunity to talk about it. You can either leave the questions or discussion topics here in the comments, through Twitter (@funtasiadaily), or by email ([email protected]). Thank you!

29 October, 2016

Filling You In #3: Classic Toy Lines

We continue our journey through the core toy lines of Filly in this sub-series of the Fill(y)ing You In series! Last time, we looked at the very first toy lines: Forest, Beach Party, Princess and Fairy. What unites these four lines is the element of realism, which, to be fair, weakens as the series goes on. The toy lines we will take a look today, while not being the most recent lines in the series, encapsulate what the Filly toy series are about to this day - this is the evolutionary plateau of the toy lines to this day, in many ways.

28 October, 2016

Dracco Website Filly Images

Did you know Dracco updated their homepage? Yep, it's now available at http://www.dracco.com instead of http://www.dracco.com.hk. Well, it's not really something that happened recently - it happened about half a year ago, but we didn't write about it at the time. Plenty of images depicting characters from various Dracco brands are featured on the website, and a number of Filly (Funtasia)-themed images were used for various sections. Some of them look pretty neat! To save you excessive clicking, we've collected them all for you, after the break:

27 October, 2016

Filling You In #2: Old Toy Lines

Welcome to the second installment of the "Fill(y)ing You In" series, a series dedicated to exploring various aspects of Filly! In this article, we will begin exploring the toy lines that form the core of Filly. Filly has gone through a lot of incarnations over the past ten years, losing and gaining elements along the way, so looking at all of them may take some time. This article covers the lines that jump-started the series in the very beginning. Let us dive right in!

26 October, 2016

Filly Funtasia Orchestral Arrangement

Here's something to watch for everyone that liked the music in the Filly Funtasia promo videos - an orchestral arrangement of the main Filly theme! (Also, if I'm not mistaken, it sounds like a part of the Promo 3 song is in there too!)

This arrangement was created by Ethan Toavs, who also does a lot of neat MLP G3 arrangements among other things - check out his YouTube channel for more!

25 October, 2016

Filling You In #1: Who's Making This Thing

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new article series that we'd like to call "Fill(y)ing You In"! When we write our articles, we've tried to focus on the larger news and have not reported much on older yet more obscure information or on the smaller tidbits that we find. In this article series, each article will focus on some aspect of Filly or Filly Funtasia and dive deep into it, exploring what we know about this topic. They will contain quite a bit of information that the long-time Filly fan will already know and some they might not. This article series could hopefully also act as a replacement for our old and horribly outdated FAQ.

For the first installment, we'd like to answer the question about who's making this thing. We've normally tried to focus on the franchise itself and not on the inner workings of the companies making it, but we've increasingly noticed that there's a number of misconceptions being spread about them. The most common being that Filly "is a German toy", which isn't completely accurate, despite what TvTropes says. There's also a persistent rumor that Filly actually started out as a G3 bootleg which had to be renamed due to a Hasbro lawsuit. There is no evidence for this either, as we're going to show in the article. But let's begin by going all the way back to the creation of Filly in 2006!

24 October, 2016

Funtasia Daily Three Year Anniversary

Three years? Three years. It's kind of hard to imagine, isn't it? Way back in October 2013, when the first Filly Funtasia trailer reached the internet, people began discussing it and a proto-fandom was born. With it, came this website. Things have changed a lot from those early days of confusion and frenzy, but I still like to think back to the time when Filly Funtasia (and this website!) was new and strange and got attention from many places on the internet. While writing this article, I came to think of one of those places which linked to me early on. I remember them asking sarcastically where my website would be in a year's time. I went to go and find a screenshot of that post so I could snicker at it in this introduction... but unfortunately that wasn't possible, as that forum has been offline for a while. But we're still here! As always when this day arrives, let's take a look back at the last year, and a look ahead:

17 October, 2016

Zack, Where's the Promo?

MIPCOM has always been the time of the year when we get new Filly Funtasia video content. In 2013, we got the very first promo, which led to the creation of this website. In 2014, we actually got to release their new teaser before anyone else, and in 2015, we got a new promo featuring the catchy "Magical World". The 2016 MIPCOM reel is out on BRB's YouTube channel, and... there's no Filly Funtasia to be seen. Let's get to the bottom of this.

03 October, 2016

Black Dragon Promo Revealed

It's October! The time of the year when we get new Filly Funtasia videos! And this video we're about to show may be new to us - but it was actually released back in July 2015 (Before Promo 5!) on a Chinese video site and never before seen on the English-speaking internet.

11 September, 2016

Filly Funtasia Promotional Synopses Revealed

Recently, a number of images which appear to be taken from Filly Funtasia promotional material have been posted publicly in various locations. It has not been posted by an official source and we don't know when or why it was created. (If anyone has any further information about this, our contact email is [email protected] as always) However, it contains some pretty major revelations about Filly Funtasia, so we have made the choice to report on it. Please note that this material contains major spoilers for Filly Funtasia as well as the two specials and that the article is quite long and will take some time to load on a slow connection.

18 June, 2016

Filly Funtasia Concept Art - Spoilers Edition

Poster sketch of the 2015 MIPTV poster.
Even more concept images of Filly Funtasia have been shared on the internet, giving us quite a lot of new information about what the show (and/or specials) is going to be about, as well as what it will look like. However, unlike the previous collection of concept art and the collection before that, this time the information is a lot more specific - to the point where it may actually be considered spoilers that may spoil potential surprises. The pictures will get increasingly spoilery as the article progresses.

Read at your own risk.

25 April, 2016

Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure - Overview

In addition to a wide range of collectible figurines, plush toys and miniature plastic architecture, the Filly brand possesses a number of digital applications. So far all of them are made for mobile devices, and for the most part they are quite simple: collections of biography for each Filly, minigames where the player is supposed to draw the characters, the ability to add frames and various objects to the photos taken by the device's camera - features that define entertainment, but not games, strictly speaking.

However, there are two mobile Filly applications that differ from the rest: they feature actual challenging gameplay. The names of these applications are Filly Cupcake Shop and Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure. The subject of this article is the latter one, since there is quite a lot to say about it.

11 April, 2016

BRB at MIPTV 2016: Day 4

MIPTV 2016 has come to an end. Unlike MIPTV 2015, this time there is relatively important news: the TV show is now accompanied by two specials. The photo shown a couple of days ago implied that these specials are called Filly Butterfly and Filly Stars, but now we know a lot more, thanks to an issue of MIPTV news, available here: https://issuu.com/mipmarkets/docs/miptv_2016_news_2
Interestingly enough, Filly Funtasia is the only property of BRB that gets mentioned. And thanks to this mention, we now know that:
  • The specials' names are, indeed, "Filly Butterfly" and "Filly Stars";
  • Each special is 75 minutes long;
  • The specials come before the show;
  • The specials take place in the Academy.
Of course, the authors of that short article are not BRB themselves, and so there is still room for the possibility that these details may not reflect reality. We'll see!

04 April, 2016

BRB at MIPTV 2016: Day 1

MIPTV 2016 has begun. The earlier news of two Filly Funtasia special features has been joined by a photo taken by the BRB Internacional crew, as seen on their Twitter:
The photo shows a part of BRB's booth and, specifically, a large Filly Funtasia poster.
The bottom of the poster shows the already known combination of 26 episodes and 2 specials, but slightly above it are two new logotypes that read "Filly Butterfly" and "Filly Stars", both in the same style with the Filly Funtasia logotype! Those are probably the working titles (or even the final titles) of the two specials.

We have already seen Butterfly-related content in the concept art, but this is the first direct mention of Filly Butterfly in the context of Filly Funtasia.
Concept art, showing what seems to be Filly Butterfly's Papillia
With this, Filly Funtasia finally covers all primary toy lines from Filly Fairy all the way to Filly Stars, with Filly Princess and Filly Royale still in question. The defintion of "primary" may vary from person to person.

TWO Filly Funtasia Movies Coming?

MIPTV is here, and Catalan Films & TV have released their lineup of shows and movies (through their newsletter) that'll be promoted at their stands. Filly Funtasia is represented there as always, but there's something new to catch my eye in its listing.

Yep, they're listing two 75 minute specials! Now, we've already seen hints that there's going to be a Filly Funtasia movie of some kind as well as a show, but this is the first time I've seen anything that suggests there'll be more than one. I can't help but be reminded of another BRB production, Invizimals, where they launched the both series and two TV Movies almost simultaneously. Whether this is their plan for Filly Funtasia as well remains to be seen!

01 April, 2016

Filly Toyline Interview

 (APRIL FOOLS 2016!)
In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned a lot of Filly toy lines, including Princess, Fairy, Unicorn, Elves, Witchy and Stars. However, as many Filly fans should already know, the spectrum of Filly toy lines includes many more than just the aforementioned six series.

To learn more about how Filly Funtasia will handle the lore of Filly, we have gone to the depths of the HFDL offices and met with the official spokesmen who were glad to share information with us. Luckily we were allowed a limited use of our camera, and thanks to that we were able to record the interview. Check it out by clicking "Read more".

Filly Funtasia Special Offer Discovered

The official Filly Funtasia website was updated yesterday to include an additional button in the top row. The already existing "About Funtasia", "Characters" and "Locations" buttons have been joined by a peculiar new button which simply reads "Offer".

Clicking the button will take you to a new page, where you will be presented with a list of all 26 episodes of Filly Funtasia (complete with title and synopsis for each episode!), with some additional info.

Looks like they are already starting to work on the distribution of the show! If you have spare money, you can buy all of Filly Funtasia and watch it before anyone else. The whole 26 episode package seems to cost 181.74 EUR, which is quite a lot of money, at least for me.
Unfortunately clicking "Preorder" redirects you to the home page of the website. I guess the service isn't working yet, but it's really important to keep an eye on this chance to see Filly Funtasia early.

Also, the preorders seem to affect the release date of the show, so, please, spread this information around! The more people preorder Filly Funtasia, the earlier we'll get the show! And since it's been delayed who knows how many times already, it's a big deal.

EDIT: turns out one of the episodes has been leaked via Dailymotion! By the looks of it, it's still not complete - some scenes lack proper animation and the voice acting is most likely a placeholder, but the story itself is intact.
You can watch the episode here!

30 March, 2016

Introducing the Filly Royale

The most recent Filly toy line, Filly Royale, has arrived. It joins the rest of the toy lines in bringing its own website, where you can read about Filly Royale characters and the land they live in - Royalia.

23 March, 2016

Filly Funtasia Promo 5 Rundown

WARNING: this article is extremely large, and may take your browser a while to load. Click "Read more" at your own risk.

The year 2016 is upon us, once again changing the big answer from "next year" to "this year". The seeming perpetuity of Filly Funtasia development cycle gets shorter and shorter, with more and more nods towards its end from the official sources. One of such nods is the fifth promotional video that was released October last year.

Over two minutes in length, this promo is the longest Filly Funtasia promo released so far, even longer than the very first one (1 minute and 40 seconds). Even if only the original, never before seen content of promo 5 is considered, the promo still is the longest pack of new material there is (although now slightly below two minutes long). Now, if the 18 seconds cut of the promo has managed to get its own article, then its 600%+ extended version deserves one too.

WARNING: this article is extremely large, and may take your browser a while to load. Click "Read more" at your own risk.

15 March, 2016

BRB Internacional to be at MIPTV 2016 (April 4-7)

The annual TV and digital content event in Cannes, France is once again fast approaching. Much like its Autumn cousin MIPCOM, MIPTV offers many professionals a chance to gather and make deals, as well as showcase various media products. BRB Internacional has been traditionally attending this event with its own products, one of which is, in fact, Filly Funtasia.

This year is no exception, as BRB Internacional is confirmed to attend MIPTV 2016, on 4-7 of April. One of the reasons to draw attention to this event is that usually it is accompanied by a new teaser trailer for Filly Funtasia - although last year's MIPTV lacked it, MIPTV 2014 brought the so-called promo 3, while MIPCOM 2015 got promo 5. Let's see if this time we'll get another batch of new footage to gawk at!

01 March, 2016

More Filly Funtasia Episode Titles Revealed

Looks like we have the names of three more Filly Funtasia episodes! How? Well, long-time reader Tom S. Fox noticed that the writers of the first four episodes had been added to the Filly Funtasia IMDb page and sent a few emails to the writers to confirm if the information added was accurate. Turns out that it was, and that we got even more information! Screenshots of the emails can be found below the break.