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01 March, 2016

More Filly Funtasia Episode Titles Revealed

Looks like we have the names of three more Filly Funtasia episodes! How? Well, long-time reader Tom S. Fox noticed that the writers of the first four episodes had been added to the Filly Funtasia IMDb page and sent a few emails to the writers to confirm if the information added was accurate. Turns out that it was, and that we got even more information! Screenshots of the emails can be found below the break.

The first one:

 The second one:
 The third one:

To sum things up: The three new episodes are "Witchy Way Up", "Where There's a Will", and "Bijou on the Loose". Since Witchys are the best (clearly!), Will is the cutest, and Zul'Gurub taught me the value of proper bijou management, they seem like fine additions to the show!

We also find out that no Filly episodes have been "fully produced" yet (somewhat worrying) and that a 3-part story that will be released as a movie is being written (pretty exciting)! Could that be the movie referred to in the synopsis of the original Promo 5 upload?

Lastly, a few words about some other things. This article got very, very delayed. (Just like this show, heyo!) It's been one of those times for me. Sorry about that, and we'll have some more articles written soon.

There's been a problem with FillyWiki which prevented emails from being sent - this affected confirmation emails as well as password restoration emails. This should now be fixed. If you're having any further problems with FillyWiki or if you need to reach me for any other reason, I am as always available at [email protected].