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30 March, 2016

Introducing the Filly Royale

The most recent Filly toy line, Filly Royale, has arrived. It joins the rest of the toy lines in bringing its own website, where you can read about Filly Royale characters and the land they live in - Royalia.

The website seems to be still incomplete: many character biography paragraphs, as well as the story, have a significant number of errors, although all sentences are still comprehensible. The website will most likely be updated later, as already happened with the Filly Stars website.

With the new website and other recently released material, we finally have some concrete information about what the new toy line will be like! The short version: it’s a remake of Filly Princess with brushable tails!
The Filly brand turns 10 years old this year, and the release of Royale celebrates this by incorporating little logos referencing this.
image courtesy of schmidtiesshop.de.
The story of the Royale will be revealed throughout 2016/17 according to http://licensingmadein.com/dracco-will-exhibit-filly-and-kitty-club-at-bologna-children-book-fair-2016/. We’ll probably learn their entire story gradually throughout that time, similarly to how we learned the story of the Filly Stars! (if you didn’t read the spoilers: http://www.funtasiadaily.com/2015/01/filly-stars-second-look.html).

The anniversary logo is also featured prominently in the recently released video ad for the Royale.
While most of the characters from Filly Royale have the same name as characters from Filly Princess, there are a number of things that are different in this remake - these Fillys are now in Royalia rather than in “the Filly Kingdom”, they’re now divided into families just like all the post-Fairy toy lines, the characters are now all princesses and princes (with one king and one queen) instead of the diverse cacophony of titles in the original Filly Princess (it’s somewhat ironic that the version that’s called “Princess” has fewer princesses) and most characters have had both their biographies and their appearance completely changed! There are a few exceptions to this, however.

The most notable exception is one of the members of the main Filly Funtasia cast: Cedric, who originally appeared in Filly Princess. The prince is back in Filly Royale.
He often practice sword-fighting.
His appearance is almost unchanged from Filly Princess, and his description now has an additional note about his inventing side, which we saw in Filly Funtasia promo 5! This makes me believe that the Cedric we see in Filly Funtasia is from Filly Royale, not from Filly Princess. However, this is merely my interpretation.

The number of characters in Filly Royale that share their name (and sometimes their appearance) with characters in Filly Princess is quite large, so this aspect of the toy line will be covered further in another dedicated article where we’ll compare both incarnations.

Before this article is finished, there’s one last thing that needs to be pointed out: back in 2014, there was a FAQ posted on this website (a FAQ which is severely outdated by now), where this comment was made:

"Princess" Fillys are called just that even in German, while those with the title princess are referred to as prinzessin, which makes matters less confused there. Something like "Filly Royals" would probably have been a better name when exporting it abroad, since that's what those Fillys all seem to be - while the other Filly kinds have plenty of characters without any known title.
“Filly Royals” as a better title for “Filly Princess”, and now we have a remake of “Filly Princess” called “Filly Royale”. Coincidence?

~Cowritten by Skundi. With special thanks to Exohasard and HareTrinity for sending in information!