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30 March, 2016

Introducing the Filly Royale

The most recent Filly toy line, Filly Royale, has arrived. It joins the rest of the toy lines in bringing its own website, where you can read about Filly Royale characters and the land they live in - Royalia.

23 March, 2016

Filly Funtasia Promo 5 Rundown

WARNING: this article is extremely large, and may take your browser a while to load. Click "Read more" at your own risk.

The year 2016 is upon us, once again changing the big answer from "next year" to "this year". The seeming perpetuity of Filly Funtasia development cycle gets shorter and shorter, with more and more nods towards its end from the official sources. One of such nods is the fifth promotional video that was released October last year.

Over two minutes in length, this promo is the longest Filly Funtasia promo released so far, even longer than the very first one (1 minute and 40 seconds). Even if only the original, never before seen content of promo 5 is considered, the promo still is the longest pack of new material there is (although now slightly below two minutes long). Now, if the 18 seconds cut of the promo has managed to get its own article, then its 600%+ extended version deserves one too.

WARNING: this article is extremely large, and may take your browser a while to load. Click "Read more" at your own risk.

15 March, 2016

BRB Internacional to be at MIPTV 2016 (April 4-7)

The annual TV and digital content event in Cannes, France is once again fast approaching. Much like its Autumn cousin MIPCOM, MIPTV offers many professionals a chance to gather and make deals, as well as showcase various media products. BRB Internacional has been traditionally attending this event with its own products, one of which is, in fact, Filly Funtasia.

This year is no exception, as BRB Internacional is confirmed to attend MIPTV 2016, on 4-7 of April. One of the reasons to draw attention to this event is that usually it is accompanied by a new teaser trailer for Filly Funtasia - although last year's MIPTV lacked it, MIPTV 2014 brought the so-called promo 3, while MIPCOM 2015 got promo 5. Let's see if this time we'll get another batch of new footage to gawk at!

01 March, 2016

More Filly Funtasia Episode Titles Revealed

Looks like we have the names of three more Filly Funtasia episodes! How? Well, long-time reader Tom S. Fox noticed that the writers of the first four episodes had been added to the Filly Funtasia IMDb page and sent a few emails to the writers to confirm if the information added was accurate. Turns out that it was, and that we got even more information! Screenshots of the emails can be found below the break.