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11 April, 2014

New Filly Funtasia Trailer

It's happening! BRB has released a new show reel which contains lots of new Filly Funtasia footage! Check it out after the break!
This is the show reel:

(Filly Funtasia segment starts at 1:06)

If you just want the Filly Funtasia, there's a reupload of that:
And they've made it look really good! There's a scene which appears in both this this trailer and the first one:

Look at all that shading they've added!


  1. Let's see... the spellcasting looks nice and quick, that's good. The repeated scene shows Cedric now, but I think his animation wasn't quite ready yet. He looks weird, like, meme-worthy weird. Like he's having a seizure. I'll have to do a frame-by-frame look to check. Lynn getting her hair poofed looks like simulation baked to blend shape, which is easy enough to do, sure, but it's more work than one expects for a series. I doubt they rig the hair with bones: you can't link actions if you do it like that. The other simulations look basic, but then again you don't see much simulation at all in series (eats up render time). Music sounds less like a Miguel Wiels song, for which I thank my relevant deities.

    Class scenes look pretty good, and it's nice to see our main character hang out with side characters right in the trailer, that's promising. It's also promising to get an extraverted main character, one immediately making herself noticed, especially compared to MLP (needs to be different, after all). Cedric gets some screentime, yay, despite the awkward animation at the table. Also, it looks looks like there's going to be bullies in class. Look at the glowering unicorn in the background at 0.16. Is that Romeo? Might be getting family issues right off the bat. Oh, and Will totally burned his eyebrow in alchemy class: it's still missing that piece :3 That's either negligence or intentional.

    Looks like the plot of at least three episodes, too: the cupcake thief, Rose going with the alicorn (is that Magic?) and the geek into the caves, and Rose driving Lynn nuts by trying to be friends.

    Also, as to the comparison between the two pics: I don't think it was adding shading so much as it was cranking up the fill light and giving the tray and lid a different material.

    Yeah, gonna download that clip, load it up in Blender for a frame-by-frame, and see what I can use for references.

  2. Dat song. I need to know the name of that song.


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