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03 April, 2014

April Fools' Roundup

So apparently there was a thing called April Fools' Day a couple of days ago, and a bunch of brony websites decided to pretend to be about the Competing Little Girls' Horsie Show© for the occasion. There were a whole bunch of them that did this, most of them just being simple announcements, so we'll compile the highlights that really stood out in this roundup, after the break.
will just can't believe it
Fansites for a show that won't be released for another year? The very concept is preposterous!

The first thing I have to highlight is the sub by the Major League Pong Gods. They even created a new domain for the occasion!

even if they get into filly funtasia, they can't go back to /co/
See, they did their research.
The skin was pretty good too.
typical imageboard discussion
Too bad nobody ever visits this imageboard unless the main one is down.
The other one that deserves attention for the sheer effort put into it is EFN's prank.
EFN filly funtasia 1
Hey, that sounds like what I do!
EFN filly funtasia 2
There is no FillyCon, but somehow Everfuntasia Network already has exclusivity to it.
The background they use is actually pretty neat!
filly funtasia background
And here is the source: http://kibbiethegreat.deviantart.com/art/Filly-Funtasia-444186104
The two (heavily satirical) "FMVs" they link are embedded below:

(I promise, I put that airhorn video on my site before I noticed that both of these videos were airhorned.)

And that's pretty much it! Finally, here's something that's not a joke: http://fillyfuntasia.com/ is finally working again! The image there still says "CGI TV animation for 2014", but it could simply be something they've forgot to update (the image is identical to the previous one except for the updated website URLs), so I'm not getting my hopes up yet!


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