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21 April, 2014

Trailer Followup

Now that the trailer has been out a while, let's go through the contents of it! Lots of pics and words, after the break.
As the first trailer was based on a single episode, it was easy to make out a basic plot from it. The new trailer consists of a music video which jumps back and forth between a number of different scenes which means it's a lot harder to piece together a narrative.

However, it begins with an overhead shot of the school area.
filly funtasia overhead shot
Also: a bunch of sales stats for the Filly toyline, which I guess you would expect in a sales reel probably made for international media buyers.
Then it zooms in to this particular building:
filly funtasia building
What does it mean?
Then comes a series of short clips of some of our main characters. There's more shots of Cedric this time around! They were very few in the first trailer. Unfortunately we don't actually hear him speak as it's a music video type trailer.
filly funtasia cedric
Now we're in the forest! It looks like it's the same forest as the forest scenes in the first trailer, but it doesn't necessarily have to be from the same episode.
filly funtasia will and mysterious filly
Flash Sentry? What are you doing here?
It'd be hard to place these really short clips in any kind of context besides that some of them are in the forest and some of them are indoors.
filly funtasia shocked lynn
"I've seen some shit"
Next comes the laugh scene! As I pointed out in my initial post, it's one of the scenes which are present in both the first trailer as well as this one, which means it's a good way to compare the graphical improvements that are present in the latest trailer.
every filly around a table
There are so many funny expressions, I don't know which one to write an image caption about.
Another point of note is the map in the background! It was there in the first trailer too, but it was really blurred. It appears to depict an island which is consistent with the general depiction of the Filly world as consisting of a number of smaller islands. (including floating islands) I'd really like to be able to read what the text in the top left says, if it says anything at all. Alas, it appears to be far too blurry to make out anything.
filly funtasia map
Tell me your secrets, map.
The next scene is a moment between Lynn and Rose in a dark forest. There are a number of scenes in a dark forest, which might mean they're from the same episode.
rose and lynn and some frog
Also note the frog and the mirror, which reappear in later scenes.
Hey look, we found the cupcakes! A side note: I really like how these windows look.
rose gets cupcaked
And we've got a classroom scene! This is the first appearance of "Al", as the Fillychan posters have dubbed the white alicorn. (angelcorn?) Note the feathery wings as opposed to the typical Fairy wings. It looks like a few of the 3D props posted earlier are used in this scene, too.
filly funtasia classroom
The teacher is Twilight, who also appears in the first trailer.
Then comes the first mirror scene, where Princess Sparkle is looking at Bella through a mirror. It appears mirrors will be used for communication.
princess sparkle at mirror
Bella is in space.
And we're back to the classroom! It looks like it's a continuation of the earlier classroom scene as it's got the same Fillies in the same places.
rose knows
Rose knows the answer, everyone else is shocked. What is this shocking knowledge that Rose has?
Then, everyone spins around.

It looks like they're spinning around a machine with a big swirly tube attached to it that contains some sort of purple liquid.

Then, we're in a cave! This is a pretty scene; the camera angle and lighting is really neat here.
filly funtasia cave scene
"What is this weird blue orb?"
Al's left wing is bandaged here, probably from a fall that happens in a later scene. Rose and Brainy (as suggested on Fillychan)/Elio (as suggested by RaichuWizDom/Wise Cracker) are here too.
filly funtasia cave scene 2
Also: reflections!
Another classroom scene with Cedric, Lynn, Will, and an Elf Filly (Mirabella? Maybe?). The frog looks like it could be the same one as in the early scene with Rose and Lynn.
silly funtasians
Why are they so excited? Hold your horses!
This seems like another new location! The Wizard is yelling something at Batti which causes him to lose his balance. It looks like The Wizard is moving upwards slightly himself, which may mean he's able to move himself, but perhaps only slightly?
the wizard scaring batti
Are they standing on a chest?
Then, they're falling down! Down into the chest, it looks like. There are some glowing red and green things here that they're falling onto (?)
batti and the wizard falling down, down
An extreme closeup of something, maybe a pair of gems?
The next scene is a terrified Lynn nearly falling off a ledge. This tree looks like it's the same one as in the earlier scene with Rose.
lynn at the edge
This is another scene that was in the first trailer! Let's compare it to the scene in the first trailer.
HFDL doesn't acronymize their name anymore.
The new one looks a lot better! Also, the updated coloring makes Cedric look a lot less like unemployment mare.
old filly-fu
In the new one, the camera angle is changed so Bella isn't in the shot anymore.
And here's Bella conjuring a mirror, a bit of an early indication for how magic will work.
bella conjuring up some mirror
Also: the significance of mirrors.
...Is Will making the Dreamworks Face here?
will dreamworks face
very very silly filly
Elio being silly in a new location. If the scenes with him are from a single episode, they visit quite a few places in it! This room kind of looks like it could be the room where we see Batti and the Wizard in the first trailer (though we didn't see much of it then so maybe not)
rose can't believe this shit is happening
Rose is concerned.
This is the scene where Al and and Rose are falling down. We can't see Elio, but presumably he's here too.
al and rose, falling down down
We never actually see Al fly in the trailer.
Here's Rose casting a beam of light from her mirror! It's accompanied by a gesture, just like the other spell-casting scene. That's not necessarily a requirement for Filly spell-casting though, as we haven't really seen enough of it to tell!
rose casts magic missile at the darkness
Al's got a mirror too! We didn't see it in preceding scenes so presumably it was also conjured.
We're back to the spooky forest! This looks like it could be just before the scene where Lynn is at that ledge. If the previous scene with Rose and Al is also in the same forest, I guess that could be just before Lynn and Rose meet!
lynn is afraid
There are holes in the trees of this spooky forest, unlike the bright forest that appears in a few shots. Or maybe that's just this specific part of it.
Princess Sparkle and Ashia. At first glance, I thought it looked like Florian because of the colors, but the markings and crown are definitely Ashia's. It's just really dark in this scene!
ashia and princess sparkle
What'll happen to the mirror?
It's Bella! This looks like it's from the same scene as the very first mirror scene - the purple cabinet appears in both of them.
sparkle sees bella
Also: The background behind Bella looks like one of the walls in the earlier scene where she conjures a mirror.
Apparently, the mirrors can be used as cameras, too!
mirror flash
Poor Lynn, she keeps looking terrified throughout the trailer.
There's a second mirror in the background, presumably that's Lynn's. It's got inlaid gems that matches the one in her crown while Rose's mirror has gems that matches her crown. It kind of looks like this pattern could hold for Bella's and Al's mirrors as well, but it's a lot harder to see in those scenes.
lynn and rose with their mirrors
I needed  two pics of those expressions.
 Next, there's a blue streak falling from the sky. After impact, there's a blue orb resting on the ground which looks like it could be the glowing orb that Al carries around in the cave scenes.
blue orb striking the ground
"Matches a Blue Socket."
 Here's a cave scene just now, where Elio doesn't want to jump over a gap.
elio almost falling down
This is some really nice lighting!
 And then, a short clip of the Wizard in a chair! Not a lot of context to go on for this scene either.
wizard in a chair
Is this their secret hideout?
We're now approaching the end of the trailer, so we're back to a series of very short clips again.
dopey will
The teeth look a bit off here!
bella with detatched teeth
Actually, this clip looks a bit off in general.
"And when everyone is ponies, noone will be"
filly funtasia lynn
Joke shamelessly stolen.
We end on another everyfilly laughs scene which looks like it's from the end of an episode.
everyfilly laughs
I can sense that this series will have good potential as a reaction image source.
 Nope! We get a bonus scene of a filly fountain, after the short credits.
filly fountain
That is a lot of water.
And that's it! It was a short trailer, but it was crammed with a lot of stuff.