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12 May, 2014

Filly Funtasia 3D Props (Part 2)

We've got yet another screenshot of Filly Funtasia 3D props, along with some possible hints for episodes of the show! Check it out after the break.

filly funtasia 3d props overview
The stuff in the bowl kind of looks like the green stuff from the first post, but it's pink now!
However, that's not all! Several of these were also posted as individual images, with filenames that might possibly hint at the episodes they appear in. These were posted before the latest trailer was released but not found until now. Let's begin speculating with the most interesting one:
filly funtasia possible episode 5 orb
The filename for this begins with "EP05", then informs us that it's green (looks turquoise to me), and ends in a word that none of the Spanish-speakers I asked recognized, which means they probably made it up.
Let's compare this to the glowing orb from the new trailer:
filly funtasia orb screenshot
Now with 200% more sparkles!
It certainly looks like it could be the same prop! If so, the "EP05" in the filename could hint towards this orb thingy being a plot point in Filly Funtasia Episode #5. As "Al the Alicorn" appears in a number of scenes with the orb, it would then be reasonable to assume that those scenes may be from the same episode.

Let's continue to the next one!
filly funtasia potion book
This one also begins with "EP05", and then informs us that the book is about potions.
I've tried looking for this particular book in the school scenes with Al, but haven't been able to find it. It could be present in a part of the episode that isn't in the trailer, though.

Let's get a closeup of the pattern:
filly funtasia potion book reference
They've sensibly corked their bottle.
Are these glyphs meant to be Filly writing?
filly funtasia map
I guess it may look similar?
Maybe! And now for the next one:
filly funtasia chest
This one begins with "EP06" and then informs us that it's a chest full of crystals.
Could it be the chest that Batti is standing on in the latest trailer? Perhaps. The lock looks kind of  similar, and it does contain something that could be called "crystals" like in the filename. If so, this scene could possible be from the sixth episode.
filly funtasia chest screenshot
"Whoa, a talking mirror!"
 There's another one possibly from the same episode:
filly funtasia pinecone
An "EP06" pinecone.
While I couldn't notice any pinecones in the trailer, there's certainly a lot of forest scenes!
filly funtasia key
It's a key, from "EP07"
There are a few more props posted, but I can't find any of them in any of the trailers. If the episode about the cupcake theft is episode 1 (as has been assumed), the trailers would then contain footage from at least episodes 1, 5 and 6... and possibly more.
filly funtasia lawn darts
Lawn darts from EP07
Using this information, we could guess that episode 7 will involve lawn darts in some way. Speculate away!
filly funtasia african mask
It's an african mask from EP08.
There are a bunch of masks in the big picture, perhaps they could be related to the theme of episode 8.
filly funtasia vase
Also in EP08: this vase.
And that's pretty much it. There's another image posted which may not be related, but I'm posting it for completeness:
filly funtasia instrument