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26 May, 2014

Filly at Licensing Expo, McDonald's Filly Toys

We've got two new Filly articles to post! The main bit of news in them is that Filly toys are coming to McDonald's in Germany this summer and that Dracco will exhibit Filly at Licensing Expo 2014 (June 17-19 in Las Vegas). It's probably unreasonable to hope for a brand new promo so soon after the last one, but we may get some other info about the show.

The first article is from License! Global and also mentions that there's apparently already plans to (possibly) make Filly Funtasia DVDs and movies, too. It gives the release date as a simple "2015".

There's another, slightly newer, article from Action Figure Insider as well. It says the 26 half-hour episodes will be aired on TV and transmedia worldwide in early 2015. (I hope that means it'll be on their Youtube channel!)