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01 December, 2019

Filly Funtasia Airs in Ukraine

Surprise news to wrap up this year: Filly Funtasia has been spotted on an Ukrainian TV channel called Plus Plus, a part of the 1+1 group.

"Magic, Spells & Fun" has been replaced with "The Magic Academy"

The series premiered yesterday, and it seems that we're getting one episode every day, much like with the Frisbee airing. What's more, Filly Funtasia is available in VoD form on the website, as well as in the 1+1 video mobile application. Provided, of course, that you're accessing the service in Ukraine, or another region covered by the service. The notable differences from the Frisbee version include the Ukrainian dub (obviously), the lack of the "Filly Funtasia" logotype in the top right, the lack of an on-screen Italian translation of each episode's title, and, most importantly, the video quality: Plus Plus airs Filly Funtasia in clean Full HD!

The premiere has also been announced on the official Plus Plus Facebook group, complete with a 30-second ad.

The episode order so far matches that of the Frisbree airing. We currently don't know if Plus Plus will air the second half of the season, but we sure hope so!

Big thanks to Hanway for drawing attention to this information.