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22 October, 2022

More on the new German magazine

In my last post, I talked about the new Filly Magazine releasing in Germany. Since then, more pictures have been shared with me that I would now like to share with you!

More after the break.

02 October, 2022

Filly Magazine coming back to Germany, now including Filly Funtasia

In our last post, I briefly wrote about the discontinuation of the Filly Magazine published by Blue Ocean. The magazine ran monthly since 2009 and was the last remainder of classic Filly outside of China. Its last issue was released in October 2021, before it got replaced by the Lissy magazine. Subscribers to the magazine got a letter from Blue Ocean suggesting to switch to a different subscription.

Months prior to the discontinuation, Filly Magazine began to be labelled as Großer PONY-Spaß (Great pony fun) as opposed to the usual Filly-specific headlines.

Now, nearly a year later, and following Filly Funtasia's debut in Germany just 3 months ago, the Filly Magazine is seeing a comeback!