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22 October, 2022

More on the new German magazine

In my last post, I talked about the new Filly Magazine releasing in Germany. Since then, more pictures have been shared with me that I would now like to share with you!

More after the break.

This first issue is centered around Butterflies, with a cover featuring the special Filly of the toyline, Princess Scarlet along with Victoria of the Water group.

The extra of the magazine is a figurine of Scarlet. The package is labeled as "Rainbow Butterfly" and is slightly different to those of the previous magazine. Rainbow Butterflies were introduced through the Blue Ocean magazine, only a few of them existed and, aside from Princess Scarlet who has been around since the beginning of the toyline, they reused designs from other Butterfly characters.

As mentioned in the previous post, this new magazine is published by Egmont Ehapa. Egmont's ties with Filly extend to Denmark, where they were in charge of publishing the Danish Filly Magazine:

Upon opening the magazine you'll find a table of contents. The contents of the magazine aren't too different from its predecessor by Blue Ocean: games, crafts, stories, among others. One thing to note is the lack of bios for the toyline characters, which the previous magazine included. Classic illustrated comics have also been replaced with retellings of Filly Funtasia episodes.

As previously noted, this is the first issue to feature the show in it. The "comics" are six pages long just like the Blue Ocean ones, with the first page introducing us to the story and the characters. The rest of the magazine is fully dedicated to the toyline.

You might remember that the German broadcast of the show follows a different order just like Singapore's English dub, with the episodes being split into halves like in China. This issue includes an abridged retelling of their first episode, The Freshmen, to be continued next issue.

Prizes! Egmont is giving away 5 sets of Filly Butterfly and Filly Ballerina to readers who fill a survey. The page redirects to this site. For those interested, I'v uploaded an automatic translation of the poll to read here. Please note that this is a survey for readers of the magazine only, and was only accepting entries until the 20th of October, when the next issue would be released.

Speaking of the next issue, the last page of the magazine has a preview for it!

And that's it for this post. If you can, please consider supporting Filly in Germany by buying the magazine to ensure it will continue to be printed!