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22 May, 2022

Filly Funtasia now airing in Thailand, to get German dub next month

Two months ago I wrote about Filly Funtasia making its English debut in Singapore. Now it's the turn for two more languages to join the roster of FF dubs.

Since 2019, Filly Funtasia has been dubbed to 10 different languages. An article about the 17th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (which FF was nominated for, and even got two awards at) published in October 2021 featured a poster that listed the flags of 22 countries in which Filly Funtasia is broadcast, including that of Thailand. Up until then, no recent news of a Thai dub had been heard.

Last month, Filly Funtasia premiered in channel True Spark Play of Thailand. The show started airing April 20, with new episodes Monday through Wednesday.

Guess that means we gotta keep our eyes open for news about the remaining dubs!

The October article was the first mention of Filly Funtasia airing in Thailand. Important to note is that not all of the countries listed are known to be currently broadcasting the show.

The next news might be exciting for some, as Filly Funtasia is expected to premiere in Germany in June!

Though Filly didn't originate from Germany, it was here that the franchise got the biggest, even becoming one of the top 3 most popular licenses for young girls during its peak. There's a large number of Filly products that were exclusive to Germany and up until its discontinuation in December last year, it was the only country left to still release new Filly toys through the monthly Filly Magazine. It even got the full version of Magical World as the intro to the Filly Butterfly and Filly Stars audiobook CDs, years before the song could first be heard on TV as Filly Funtasia's opening theme. The show itself, though, had yet to set hoof on Filly's "home".

Filly Funtasia will premiere on Junior on June 6, starting from episode 1 in Singapore's order, The Freshmen. Episodes will be split in halves, similar to the Chinese broadcast, with each second part getting its own unique title.

Thank you to Limooosin for the heads-up