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09 March, 2022

"I Dare You" Animatic

It's been a while since the last time FuD got to report about anything behind-the-scenes!

Back in 2019, we wrote about a storyboard reel by storyboard artist Estefania Pizarro. The animatic later turned out to be from the then-unreleased episode Art of Magic. The video has since been deleted from the artist's Vimeo, though reuploads exist elsewhere.

Rose, Cedric and Bella in Estefania's storyboard and in the final animation.

This time it's the turn of yet another episode from the second half of the season. This animatic corresponds to the episode I Dare You and was uploaded by the artist Alba Galván last Tuesday. Unlike the one from 2019, it doesn't feature demo audio and instead shows a comparison to the completed scene, taken from the Czech dub.

Alba had already teased at the possibility of sharing some of her work for the show through a YouTube comment months ago.

Though it isn't a scene from an unreleased episode, the video does offer some insight to the production process of the show—according to Alba, the storyboard was made back in 2018, before the show had even premiered in Italy!