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10 November, 2019

Filly Funtasia Storyboard Reel

It seems that the recent Filly Funtasia promo from Imira Entertainment isn't the only noteworthy thing that happened recently. Another video has been uploaded to a personal channel of a storyboard artist, titled "REEL_STORYBOARD 2019", which turns out to indeed be a storyboard reel - but not just any storyboard reel, a storyboard reel for Filly Funtasia! And it's a juicy one.

The video was uploaded by the user Funny Pizarro, who, judging by the email featured in the video, is Estefania Pizarro, one of the storyboard artists involved in Filly Funtasia.

There, fifth from the bottom!

The reel itself shows a scene in which Bella, Cedric and Rose ride a cart down a mountain road, crash into a big rock, and play in a field filled with flowers. Such a scene isn't found in any of the 13 episodes that have aired earlier this year. It can be either a cut scene from one of them, a scene from an episode that was cut in its entirety, or a scene from the elusive second half of the season. However, the first option can be safely thrown out, since among the known 13 episodes, there is no situation where Bella, Cedric and Rose end up outside the academy as a group. This leaves us with either a cut episode, or an unaired episode. In either case, it's something we haven't seen before!

And it's also something we haven't heard before. The video features a couple of English voice lines from Rose and Cedric. We have heard Rose's English voice numerous times, and in this case it seems to be different yet again from the old BRB promos and the Imira Entertainment promo. Cedric hasn't had a single English voice line in any of the previous promos, so it's nice to finally hear him speak, even if it's just one short line drowned out by the music.

Oh, the music! This reel is accompanied by one of the songs heard in the show: the one that is most often played in episodes "The Blue Rainbow", "The Lost Mermaid" and "The Star Crystal", and the English version of which can be heard in promo 4. This time it's also in English, but the verse is different from that of its promo 4 rendition. However, the start of the promo 4 verse can be briefly heard just before the reel ends.

This reel is a pleasant surprise, and hopefully we'll one day see the finished renders based on this storyboard!