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23 October, 2019

Filly Funtasia English Trailer

We have a new trailer to show you! And this time it's in English again!

This trailer features some scenes that I would consider to be quite spoilery for some of the episodes that have aired in Italy. If you have not seen those episodes, please keep that in mind before watching this trailer.

It's time to add yet another company to the list of companies that have been involved in Filly Funtasia - Imira Entertainment! Imira Entertainment is a Spanish distributor of children's programming that's uploaded a trailer for the English version of Filly Funtasia on their vimeo account - implying they will likely be involved in its distribution.

The trailer can be found here: https://vimeo.com/359568880

Since Imira Entertainment has disabled video embeds, you're going to have to click on the link to see it.

The trailer only features scenes from the first 13 episodes that aired in Italy during the spring. (Specifically episodes 4, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the Italian broadcast order.) It includes the ending scene of the mid-season finale (which I still believe the episode to be despite how it was broadcast in its initial Italian airing - more on that in a later article) and a part of Rose's "I am who I am" song.

An Italian episode title is briefly visible during the trailer, showing that the video material is taken directly from the Italian broadcast.

The voices in this promo all seem to be different from the voices in previous Filly Funtasia promos. While the promo voices were likely temporary voices for the purpose of trailers and screenings, I think it is likely that these are the final voices intended for an English-language release of the show.

There's also two more videos on their channel, one of which seems to be the same Magical World music video as the one on Dracco's channel which we've previously called Promo 5.

Imira Entertainment seems to have been at the recently ended MIPCOM 2019, and their vimeo channel's third video with Filly Funtasia material is titled "mipcom2019 Imira Showreel" - suggesting that they were promoting the show at this year's MIPCOM. The video material in this showreel is a shortened version of their other Filly Funtasia trailer along with some clips of other shows. Notably, the MIPCOM and MIPTV events were our main sources for Filly Funtasia information for several years as new trailers and other information was released during or shortly before or after the event.