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24 October, 2019

Funtasia Daily Six Year Anniversary


Welcome back.
It's another 24th of October, which means it's once again time for one of these! And this time we've actually got a show! Which we’re very thankful for, because running a fansite about an unreleased show for half a decade was getting silly.

What a year it has been! We finally saw a burst of Filly Funtasia activity with both the airing of the show as well as a flurry of fan activity that accompanied it. When Filly Funtasia finally arrived, it did so in a manner that's kind of emblematic of what the whole process of waiting for Filly Funtasia has been like - long periods of waiting followed by new information appearing completely out of the blue.

Without any warning, Italian fans suddenly discovered a TV spot for Filly Funtasia on Frisbee, and a few days later the first 13 episodes all aired at an extremely rapid pace. Without these fans catching this, we might have missed this airing since there was no kind of press release or mention of any kind online of Filly Funtasia’s impending release. (Dracco’s websites are all still offline, as they have been for a while now.) It didn’t come in a format we expected it to, but I would personally say that it both lived up to my expectations and even managed to positively surprise me - especially the last few episodes!

We’re still waiting for at least 13 more episodes, an HD release, and the English release, but at least the show is actually out in one format. If we finally get these, I would expect them to arrive in a similar manner - very suddenly.

The recent trailer by Imira Entertainment suggests that an English release is coming, and now we have a source that suggests that at least 26 episodes are being produced. In a Dracco financial document that we have recently read, production of “2 seasons of 26 episodes” is mentioned. In the document’s original Danish, it is ambiguous whether this refers to 26 episodes divided into 2 seasons of 13 episodes each or 2 seasons that each have 26 episodes (so 52 in total) - but it means that production was planned for 26 episodes at a minimum.

We once again want to thank everyone that engaged in the fandom and this time we want to especially thank all the people involved in the subtitling and uploading efforts. As a result of our understanding with Dracco, we can’t post this material anymore, but we still appreciate all the effort you’ve put into it.

A few of you may be remembering my promise to write a followup article to my meeting with Dracco and be wondering what happened to that. Well, we had an email exchange about what exactly they told me was intended to be confidential (because I stupidly failed to clarify that during the meeting and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sabotaging our recently improved relationship), and this slow conversation dragged on into the summer at which point I kind of burned out on this all a bit (Which you may notice by the conspicuous lack of activity on the website during that period - we’ll try to catch up on anything we’ve missed.). However, the most important piece of information I found out but wasn’t able to immediately talk about was the fact that an English dub was being made- and we now have an independent source for that. (the recently posted Imira Entertainment trailer) I did not find out any specifics about planned broadcasts of the English dub or of the remaining Italian episodes. (and the hiatus after episode 13 was unknown at the time so I did not ask about that either)

Well, I think that's all for now. Once again, thank you for being with us. Here's to Filly!