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01 April, 2016

Filly Funtasia Special Offer Discovered

The official Filly Funtasia website was updated yesterday to include an additional button in the top row. The already existing "About Funtasia", "Characters" and "Locations" buttons have been joined by a peculiar new button which simply reads "Offer".

Clicking the button will take you to a new page, where you will be presented with a list of all 26 episodes of Filly Funtasia (complete with title and synopsis for each episode!), with some additional info.

Looks like they are already starting to work on the distribution of the show! If you have spare money, you can buy all of Filly Funtasia and watch it before anyone else. The whole 26 episode package seems to cost 181.74 EUR, which is quite a lot of money, at least for me.
Unfortunately clicking "Preorder" redirects you to the home page of the website. I guess the service isn't working yet, but it's really important to keep an eye on this chance to see Filly Funtasia early.

Also, the preorders seem to affect the release date of the show, so, please, spread this information around! The more people preorder Filly Funtasia, the earlier we'll get the show! And since it's been delayed who knows how many times already, it's a big deal.

EDIT: turns out one of the episodes has been leaked via Dailymotion! By the looks of it, it's still not complete - some scenes lack proper animation and the voice acting is most likely a placeholder, but the story itself is intact.
You can watch the episode here!