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04 April, 2016

BRB at MIPTV 2016: Day 1

MIPTV 2016 has begun. The earlier news of two Filly Funtasia special features has been joined by a photo taken by the BRB Internacional crew, as seen on their Twitter:
The photo shows a part of BRB's booth and, specifically, a large Filly Funtasia poster.
The bottom of the poster shows the already known combination of 26 episodes and 2 specials, but slightly above it are two new logotypes that read "Filly Butterfly" and "Filly Stars", both in the same style with the Filly Funtasia logotype! Those are probably the working titles (or even the final titles) of the two specials.

We have already seen Butterfly-related content in the concept art, but this is the first direct mention of Filly Butterfly in the context of Filly Funtasia.
Concept art, showing what seems to be Filly Butterfly's Papillia
With this, Filly Funtasia finally covers all primary toy lines from Filly Fairy all the way to Filly Stars, with Filly Princess and Filly Royale still in question. The defintion of "primary" may vary from person to person.