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07 July, 2015

Filly Funtasia Early Development Concept Art

If you liked the earlier concept art post, you're in luck, because there's some more to show! This time it appears to (at least mostly) be from a rather early stage of the show's development. I recommend clicking on the images to view them in a larger size rather than the much smaller size the website's layout forces the images into. (For full size, right click an image and select "open in new tab") See them all, after the break.

We begin with a rather large image showing the academy from the back. Here, you can see quite clearly that the large door is the same as "Door 1" from the previous concept art post.

This appears to be kingdom of Papillia, from the Filly Butterfly toyline, but with some interesting changes! The boat is (most likely) Princess Scarlet's Butterfly Boat which she uses to travel to the kingdom, and you can see a "rainbow tree" by the water steps that looks very similar to the one on the toy bio Butterfly page. But what's really new is that huge mountain with a butterfly symbol on it that looks like it has split apart to reveal a city inside it.

Still in Papillia, it looks like! The big city we see here could possibly be the one in the previous pic but seen "from behind" from the earlier pic's perspective. It doesn't quite look exactly the same, though.

Here, we get a first peek at the potions lab! There's books (about potions, presumably), test tubes, potion bottles, and a bunch of vegetation growing all over the place. To the right of the topmost pic is some interesting device which looks like an upside down funnel with a bunch of tubes connected to it. Perhaps it's meant to act as a fume hood? To the right is a glowy tube with some weird onion-like object by it. And is that a yellow face in a tube by the room's central pillar? The bottommost pic is a neat sketchy version of the top one.

These look like some really early sketches! The "backyard" looks like an early version of the backyard we see in an early trailer #03 shot.

And here we get a closeup of it!

Here, we get to see the cafeteria and its kitchen (where the cupcakes are made!) as well as a helpful image showings its location in the academy. We also get to see an exhibition! There's a nice render on the bottom, featuring a bunch of banners hanging from the roof with some brand new examples of Filly-writing (and some gold and silver mirror-like objects which seem to match the ones being displayed at the end of the carpet), a bunch of wizardy thingies being displayed along the sides, and of course three Wills and a Batti standing around for scale. There's a closeup of some contraption and a topview plan of the exhibition hall which includes a note that the pedestal should be set "without a prop", since it will "come after when Rose brings it" (a note for the animators?)

Here we get some story locations! There's the hall to Sparkle's office, as well as two cave scenes! We see the "Cave Trap Entry" in trailer #04 when Fabian falls into it, (Cedric is most likely just standing in the trap for scale here, as with the randomly placed Fillys in the other images.) but the dead end is not seen anywhere in the trailers. It looks really spooky, though! We also get a repeat of the cafeteria pic and a shot of the academy's main corridor.

Looks like Cedric's an inventor! If that's part of toy canon, I've managed to miss it. We also get to see a bit about the use of toy references in the concept art, and three pics showing the drawing of that gizmo there.

Now this image is very interesting, because it raises some questions about the timeline of the Filly development process. Firstly, Zack is implicitly listed as a main character, as the header is "Main Characters Rooms". This is (I believe) the only time he's ever been called a main character. Now, these pictures are from an early stage in the development process (though it's unknown exactly when), so that does not necessarily have to reflect the current situation - it just shows that he was (probably?) at one point considered as a main character.

An interesting detail here that shows its age is Lynn's mane. Lynn's mane was purple in the very first Filly Witchy release, but was orange in the rerelease. The 2014 edition of Filly Sammelband showed both the purple and orange version and provided a reason for the color switch - Lynn's happiness when casting her first successful spell. This pic seems to be from before her color change was decided, but it shows Zack who is from the Filly Stars toyline, released in early 2015. This shows that Filly Stars might've been planned quite far ahead!

Also, we see some nice use of color palettes in the pics of the rooms.

And here we get a nice overview of the academy! We see an overview of it seen from all four cardinal directions and some different parts of it are pointed out (Sparkle's office is apparently at the top of that big tower), and we even get a little map (unfortunately a bit low res) in the bottom left showing the locations of various school facilities. Here's a zoomed in version:

And that's pretty much it! In general, I would say that these images really show the amount of work that has gone into the planning of Filly Funtasia, which is always really nice to see.