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08 July, 2015

MyFilly Adds Filly Mermaids Glitter Golden Edition Page

Seems like we're getting more online development! In the same manner Filly Stars got its subsite in the beginning of 2015, the recent edition of Filly Mermaids has acquired its own hub as well. And similarly, the current version of the site is nowhere near complete and is full of unfinished features. However, that does not mean it is completely empty.

But first, before speaking about the new Mermaids toyline, a clarification about the Mermaids toylines in general:

It was found a while ago that the Pearl Edition was in fact the first 2012 Mermaids line instead of the previously presumed second 2013 line. This second 2013 line was the Pink Edition (magazines) and Pink Pearl Edition (toys). This renders the order of Filly Mermaids lines as Pearl → Pink → Glitter → Glitter Golden. -Exohasard

And Glitter Golden is what this post is about. The website itself can be found here: http://dracco.myfilly.com/us/mermaids_glitter/home/

1. The Story Section
The current version of the story section features a direct copy of the Filly Stars story, signifying that the website has been built using the Stars website as the base. The presence of the story page means that the proper story will eventually be published for all to read.

2. The Collections Section
 There isn't anything here! Or is there? Well, it turns out that if you decide to blindly take a leap of faith and click on the empty void that is the collections menu, you will get a surprise!
Yes, characters! Currently you cannot access their descriptions, and hovering over them with your cursor will yield names of characters from Filly Stars, for aforementioned reasons. But there's more: if you click on the left half of the menu instead of the the right one, you will get another set of characters:
Unfortunately, these six shining mermaids do not even get random mismatching names, leaving absolutely no clue on what their names would be. That is, unless you dive deeper.

Sadly, these are empty, both visually and on coding levels.

4. The TVC Section
While the original Mermaids site still promises that the TVC section is "coming soon", this one already has it: it shows you an embed of the commercial video. And it is this video that showcases the names of the gold mermaids.
Notice how similar the toy figurines and their art are. Previous Filly toys, of course, followed the general appearance and poses depicted in their respective art, but this is, at least for me, the first time when the precision is eyestriking. It shows just how far we've come, even though the website still isn't in the best shape. So here's to coming even farther!