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25 December, 2015

Filly Funtasia Synopsis

Promo 5 has been out for over two months. The original Youtube upload of this promo by Filly World had a lot of restrictions: comments were hidden, the description had no information, and even the embedding option was turned off, allegedly forcing some people to reupload the video for their own reasons.

And while the majority of these decisions are still in place, the video now has a large description which contains some rather valuable information. Which appears to be the synopsis for the beginning movie of Filly Funtasia. Or for its pilot episode. Or maybe for something else!

Venture past the break to see the full copy of the description, and feel free to speculate and/or anticipate.

The Funtasia TV series is based within the grounds of the Academy; however, the movie starts with the arrival of a mysterious stranger to the school that begins an amazing adventure leading Rose and her friends beyond the walls of Funtasia and through all of the Filly Kingdoms.

Funtasia is the center of all magic in the Filly world. When the Academy’s Headmistress Sparkle is found unconscious and the crystals from her magic mirror missing, spells, potions and even everyday magic begin to act unpredictably. These effects are also felt throughout the many Filly Kingdoms.

Soon, rumors of the return of Wranglum’s former followers, the evil “Grounders,” reach Funtasia, just as a mysterious young Filly, Amorra, arrives at the Academy. Amorra (a new Filly character created specifically for the movie) seems to know more about this mystery then she will admit and appears to have ties to Miss Sparkle’s past. Rose and her friends must work together with Amorra to recover the lost crystals and restore balance to the world of magic.

To find the missing crystals, Rose and her friends must split up to investigate each of the unique and wondrous Filly kingdoms following a puzzling trail of clues. From the enchanting home of the Filly Elves, Emocia, with its shimmering flowing rivers, to Crystalia, the Filly Unicorns’ magnificent island kingdom in the sky, we will see the many distant Kingdoms and meet the Fillys who live outside the Academy for the first time.

How will Rose and her friends react now that the rules of magic have been turned upside down? Will they find the missing crystals before the Grounders? What role does Amorra play in this mystery, and is she their best hope for solving the riddle or the one responsible for it all?

In the end Rose, Isabella, Cedric, and even Lynn and Will have to create a very special magic – true Crystal Magic – working together in harmony to combine the powers of their personal Crown Crystals! This new Funtasia Adventures embraces the best of the Filly brand, offering concepts that everyone will love: friendship, family, diversity, action, comedy and of course, unicorns!