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11 December, 2015

Filly Funtasia Wishes You Happy Holidays

It's been two months since the last major update on Filly Funtasia, and with the holidays approaching, the crew have decided to share a short holiday video:

Its contents seem to be clips from Filly Funtasia itself, put under a graphics filter and surrounded with snowflakes, and it once again revolves around the Blue Rainbow crystal. The episode has now been featured in the majority of the promotional videos released so far.

However, that's not all, as the Filly World keeps the party going by releasing another holiday video with Filly Stars:

The most notable part of this video is its description:
The Funtasia TV series is based within the grounds of the Academy; however, the movie starts with the arrival of a mysterious stranger to the school that begins an amazing adventure leading Rose and her friends beyond the walls of Funtasia and through all of the Filly Kingdoms.
Is the use of the world "movie" a translation mistake, or a hint at something other than the TV series? Will we actually see all Filly Kingdoms, including the, well, Filly Kingdom itself, where Prince Cedric hails from? It will become clear eventually.

~with thanks to Greyfeather for noticing these two videos and sharing them.