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21 December, 2016

Dracco Releases a Bunch of Slide Puzzle Apps - Filly Included!

Throughout this year, Dracco have released around four dozen applications on the Google Play store. Most of them are small collections of 5x5 slide puzzles related to different Dracco brands. In November and December, however, Dracco released five slide puzzle apps themed after Filly and Filly Funtasia.
A typical screencap of a Slide Puzzle app
While they're nowhere near as spanning as Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure or even Filly Cupcake Shop, the puzzle images contained within them uncover slightly more information about the upcoming show. In this article, we will take a look at the five apps one by one and discuss the images.


Battiwigs Slide Puzzle

The Battiwigs app offers the least amount of information, since all five images are essentially the same image of Battiwigs, albeit with differently coloured backgrounds. The bat appears in the same pose as he does in a number of other Filly Funtasia promotional material, such as the header image of the official website:
As seen on http://www.dracconews.com/home


Papillia Slide Puzzle

Even though the name of the app suggests that it contains images of Papillia (from Filly Butterfly), what is actually inside the game is a collection of images of Zimsala (from Filly Witchy).

The appearance of the images may seem familiar - these are the backgrounds from another Filly app, Filly Witchy's Witchy Adventure. It also appears that these images were made directly out of the backgrounds, as they lack features that appeared in Witchy Adventure and weren't drawn into the backgrounds, such as the blades of the Windmill:
Left: Puzzle image, right: Witchy Adventure screencap
The reason why a set of Zimsala images is called "Papillia" is unknown. This mistake may have been made from the surface level understanding of the Filly setting: Papillia having more exposure in Filly Funtasia (being the setting for one of its specials, Filly Butterfly) than Zimsala, Zimsala having more imagery than Papillia, and both Zimsala and Papillia being Filly kingdoms, from toylines released within a year of each other.

A similar mistake is made in the next application.


Crystalia Slide Puzzle

This game contains five images of the Royal Magic Academy, but claims that it's actually Crystalia! Apart from the fact that both of these places are ruled Princess Sparkle, there is barely anything in common between the Academy and the Filly Unicorn kingdom.

The images themselves show the same shot of the Academy with different graphical filters applied. The only exception is the nighttime image - it appears to share the sketch with the other four images, but the painting itself is different. It's easy to notice by the highlights, which cannot be produced by a simple filter.
Daytime and nighttime


Wranglum Slide Puzzle

The first real appearance of something new: this app features Wranglum's face! So far we've seen Wranglum only in purple colours, but these images show four more colours: pink, yellow, green and blue. Together with the old purple, these colours follow the colours of the Filly Rainbow as it appears in Filly Royale, though it might just be a coincidence.

Behind Wranglum, we can see the walls of his hideout: full pipes and machinery. Notably, there is no dark mirror - the faces just hover in the air. It may be a liberty taken by the app (as we've seen, these apps are not afraid of taking liberties with the source material), or may be an indication that Wranglum is not as heavily bound to the mirror. Perhaps he has the ability to project his face into the air near the mirror?


Funtasia Slide Puzzle

The last but by no means the least app is themed after Filly Funtasia as a whole: each image in this game is a frame from the show, and some of them look fairly new! Let us look at them one by one.
An image of Rose raising her hoof in the classroom. This scene has already appeared in promo 3 and promo 5, though this image is much closer to the promo 5 version.
From left to right: Promo 3, Slide Puzzle, Promo 5
An image of an amused Lynn in a dark forest. This shot has not been seen anywhere before, though it is probably from the scene where Rose and Lynn meet each other in the forest, as seen in promo 3.
The Witchy, the grass, and even the tree truck match!
The cave scene from promo 3 and promo 4 returns again. Not much to say about this one, other than, like the first image, it seems to be based on the more recent version of this scene.
Left: promo 3, right: promo 4. The main giveaway is the green fog in the background.
In contrast to the second image, here we have a terrified Lynn in a dark forest! Judging by the composition of the shot, Lynn is looking at an oddly-shaped tree branch that is located right next to the camera, between it and Lynn. The Witchy has probably mistaken it for a reaching arm or something else. This image is most likely based on the scene from promo 3 where Lynn is running like mad through the gloom environment.
On the lookout for more snatchy hands
The last image in the collection, here we can see Battiwgs and Wranglum on the top of an open chest, looking down at glowing crystals. This scene is very similar to a scene from promo 3, where both the wizard and the bat fall into the chest.
The app image most likely happens before the scenes seen in promo 3 (if it's even the same series of scenes): they observe the crystals from above, probably discuss what they are going to do with the crystals, and then both fall face first into them after Batti loses his balance.

So what do these Filly Funtasia puzzle apps from Dracco mean? Some of them were released on the 19th of December, two days ago. After seeing BRB delete any and all mention of Filly Funtasia from their websites, it's nice to see Dracco push something Funtasia-related out into the world - it shows that they still acknowledge the existence of the series. And after a complete lack of information and one faintly reassuring Facebook message, this is a fine enough treat for me.