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17 October, 2016

Zack, Where's the Promo?

MIPCOM has always been the time of the year when we get new Filly Funtasia video content. In 2013, we got the very first promo, which led to the creation of this website. In 2014, we actually got to release their new teaser before anyone else, and in 2015, we got a new promo featuring the catchy "Magical World". The 2016 MIPCOM reel is out on BRB's YouTube channel, and... there's no Filly Funtasia to be seen. Let's get to the bottom of this.

Sure, it's a one minute reel which means that it's most likely a shortened version of their full reel. They also released a short one minute promo in 2015 before releasing a longer version later, but even their short version had Filly Funtasia in it! Now, this does not in and of itself have to mean anything - but there's been a few other concerning things happening lately.

The Filly Funtasia listing in the "Productions" section of BRB's website has recently been restricted from being viewed. Even though the rotating banner thing above still links to it.

This is probably going to spook some browsers of their website.
Now, this does not in and of itself have to be bad either. Restricting the page could mean they're about to add something to it. But there's been another change - the website of the elusive Apolo Films.

The company has done work on movies that are based on various BRB shows. They were working on the "Filly Stars" and "Filly Butterfly" specials, as revealed in the leaked synopses as well as on their website... until recently, that is.

Rose is in this image twice.

That's what their projects listing used to look like. Now it looks like this.

Poof! And the Fillys are gooone! (The page about the two specials is still there on the server, but it is now unlinked.)
But the most concerning thing that's happened is that BRB has yet to respond to repeated requests for clarification about what's going on. If someone with insight into what's going on is reading this, please let us know so we can stop worrying about it. Our contact email is [email protected] as always if you want to leave confidential information.

How did we get to this point? The last certain sign of life was in early April, when BRB revealed the two specials at MIPTV: "Filly Stars" and "Filly Butterfly". Later in April, Filly Funtasia was mentioned in the property guide for the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. It mentioned a 2017 "worldwide" release date. It's unclear if this includes the Italian broadcast. We've also made attempts to reach out to Discovery Italy, but they have not answered our emails either.

Notable: It's being promoted by Dracco Netherlands
Since April, we've revealed concept art, synopses, and a promo by Black Dragon, but evidence suggests that all of them were created a while ago.

In October, we finally saw a sign of activity - Filly Funtasia was to be exhibited at Brand Licensing Europe by Dracco - though not by BRB, which also had a booth there.

Food and beverages is pretty new!
BLE is over already, and the information we got from it was so scarce, we haven't even been able to find a picture of Dracco's booth.

So, that's where we stand. No Filly Funtasia in the 1 minute BRB MIPCOM trailer, Filly Funtasia removed from two places on BRB websites, and the only recent activity is an exhibit by Dracco that's hard to find any information about. While we can't know for sure what's going on, I personally sure do have an ominous feeling about it. On a lighter note, we should point out that Filly Funtasia has not been scrubbed completely from the internet - there are quite a few official information pages left:


And of course the unofficial http://funtasiadaily.com/. We're not going anywhere anytime soon!