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11 September, 2016

Filly Funtasia Promotional Synopses Revealed

Recently, a number of images which appear to be taken from Filly Funtasia promotional material have been posted publicly in various locations. It has not been posted by an official source and we don't know when or why it was created. (If anyone has any further information about this, our contact email is [email protected] as always) However, it contains some pretty major revelations about Filly Funtasia, so we have made the choice to report on it. Please note that this material contains major spoilers for Filly Funtasia as well as the two specials and that the article is quite long and will take some time to load on a slow connection.

It appears that the images are taken from three different documents - about Filly Funtasia, the Filly Butterfly special, and the Filly Stars special, respectively.

The first image in the collection is a Filly Funtasia title page. We've seen this image before in the 3D props article, but now the copyright attribution to "HFDL" has been replaced with "Dracco Brands".

The second page tells us that we can expect an animated show with a target of "Kids/Family Programming", a genre of "Sit-com" and that there will be 26 HD CGI episodes with a runtime of 26 minutes. (The runtime has previously been stated at both 26 and 30 minutes numerous times.) The cool font used seems to be Rossetti Regular, which I believe has not previously been used in Filly material.

Is that a horse? Nope, it's a Filly! The piece of art has also been previously posted in the 3D props article.

Once again, a piece of art that has been posted in the 3D props article. The text is the old synopsis which was posted in Filly Funtasia's listing on BRB's website.

The concept is expanded here with some additional information. It mentions that "all royal Fillys" have crowns and magic mirrors that work like magic wands. This confirms that the mirrors will be used as tools for performing magic throughout the series (we have already seen a few examples of this in the promos) and the mention of "royal Fillys" opens up the possibility that there may be non-royal Fillys which could possibly lack the ability to perform magic. No such Fillys have yet been seen in any material. Furthermore, goes on to tell that the "crystal gemstones in their crowns and their mirrors all have very distinct magical powers, which reflect and enhance the characteristics of the unique Filly possessing them". There's long been references to the Fillys mastering unique crystal powers, but this appears to be the first time that it's explictly linked to their mirrors and crowns.

Furthermore, it goes on to give us the hook for a possible season-long underlying plot - the maginificent Magical Rainbow Crystal hidden on Funtasia is shattered and scattered across all of the vast Filly realms at the beginning of the series - and the Filly Five will be guided to the missing crystals by the "unique magic Rainbow Crystal" they each have in their "Royal Crown", racing to retrieve them before the Wizard can.

Now, there are a few things that can be pointed out about this. First, that this seems to be a hook for visiting all the Filly lands from the various toylines. Second, it's a bit strange that this would be a season-long ongoing event when none of the existing episode synopses mention it. Third, this seems remarkably similar to the synopsis that accompanied the YouTube upload of Promo 5. The main difference is that that synopsis was supposedly for "a movie". This would point to that not being the case.

Next up, bios for the Filly Five. Each consist of two images - one presenting an overview of the character with an image of them along with their mirror, and the second which provides more detail. This first page tells us that Rose always strives to be the very best at everything, and that her need to prove herself gets her in stressful and dangerous situations. Take it easy, Rose!

Like for all the characters, we get to read Rose's likes, dislikes, favorite saying, and special magic power. While her toy bio and Sammelband entries focus on her artistic side and her ambitions as a painter, this bio seems to focus on a different side of Rose - her like of reading and dancing, dislike of apples (But how can she become a painter if she doesn't like backgrounds?) and her self-conscience at the academy's loss of privacy.

Next up is Cedric! Here, he's listed as a "Prince" rather than a "Princess" or even "Royale". His mirror here has never been seen before, but its design matches him very well, like the others we've seen so far. While Cedric's original bio and Sammelband bio focused on his interest in swordfighting, this bio is more in line with his new bio in Filly Royale that added his interest in inventions to the toy canon, which was also seen in the contraption he's created in promo 5.

Cedric's particular persona is further solidified when we find out that he likes science, reading, keeping things orderly, spaghetti (!), and wondering about the logic in things. Furthermore, we find out that his first crush is an unrequited one on Rose, who thinks of him as the brother she never had. You may update your shipping charts accordingly.

Unusually enough, Bella is called by her full name here: Isabella, as she is known in the Filly Elves toyline. The white Elf filly hasn't undergone any significant changes, though now she seems to "enhance her magical powers" with the help of the nature.

This page mentions that Isabella comes from "the kingdom of Filly Elves", instead of "Emocia". It is unclear why Emocia is not mentioned by its name, but it's likely done to avoid name overflow and keep the focus on the filly's personality rather than her history.

As a proud Pretty Elf (this is an actual term), Isabella is connected to the Dark Pink color of the Filly Rainbow, so it's no surprise that Dark Pink is one of her favorite colors. Bizarrely, she simultaneously likes cooking and dislikes beige - this probably won't go well for dough-based recipes.

Bella is also said to be "over-the-top good and kind and loyal", ready to "do anything for a friend" - nice qualities that guarantee that we will rarely see Isabella alone.

In an unexpected turn of events, the remaining two members of the Filly Five get their own special category: the Filly Tricksters. It may imply some fundamental differences between them and the other three fillys in terms of their role in the plot, or it may be a quick and effective way to establish that they are more likely to accidentally (or purposefully) cause trouble, as opposed to Rose, Cedric and Isabella.

Just like Bella, Lynn gets a vague "Witchy Kingdom" as her homeland, instead of Zimsala, likely for the same reasons. She "already knows a lot of magic", meaning that she is no longer struggling with her abilities, like she used to in the story of the Filly Witchy toyline.

She's a fast flying prankster who hates classwork and homework and likes bending the rules to her advantage. The toyline bio mentions that her bad mood leads to rain and thunder, and here it's the other way around: rain and thunder leads to Lynn's bad mood. She can somehow talk faster than light, which is indeed a trait of Witchy Fillys - although only some of them, namely the Water Witchys, who construct their spells by quickly mashing a lot of words into one long word. Lynn is one of the Wind Witchys, who instead come up with poems for their spells. Of course, Lynn's "Special Magical Power" in Filly Funtasia may have absolutely nothing to do with the lore of Filly Witchy.

Lynn's Trickster tendencies are enhanced when she comes closer to "Dark Magic Crystals". An intriguing detail; Dark Magic Crystals is something we have not heard of before, and it's yet another element of the overarching crystal theme of Filly Funtasia.

And the last but by no means least, it's Will, who is called by his full name here, just like Isabella. Seems like the Fairy is an ever more chaotic trickster than Lynn! This page refers to Willow as a "Prince", making him and Cedric the two princes of the Filly Five. Willow and Lynn will spend a lot of time together, so as with Cedric, more shipping charts updates are needed (although it's probably been up-to-date anyway).

Will's chaotic nature subtly gets reflected in the fact of him loving any kind of pie. It seems that the Fairy pays a lot of respect to sports, assuring that he prefers to win fair and square. Will also dislikes to be called Willow, probably because he thinks that it does not fit and even works against his daring and cunning nature. And it also probably allows other Fillys to make fun of him by calling him "Pillow". Although "Willow Pillow" doesn't sound so bad.

And here comes the villain of the show: the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, Wranglum! We already know of his minions called Grounders, but here we learn that the wizard used to rule a whole nation of them, wanted to conquer all of Funtasia and steal the Filly magic. Thankfully, in the best traditions of ancient fantasy evils, Wranglum was imprisoned, though he somehow came back! How did that happen?

"One of the Tricksters" is responsible for this mess, so it's either Willow or Lynn. Considering that Wranglum was imprisoned in a dark crystal, and since Lynn's previous bio mentioned her behaviorial changes when near "Dark Magical Crystals", she is the likely culprit. Wranglum is now in a Dark Crystal Mirror, destroying my theories about the mirror being a mere communication device between Battiwigs and the still trapped Wranglum.

It's our good old bat Battiwigs, who is apparently relevant enough to have his own pair of pages. We learn that Battiwigs used to be a Filly dorm pet who turned bigwig - it is unknown why, however. Did he come to this conclusion on his own, or was he influenced by Wranglum? Who used to own Battiwigs before he rebelled? Regardless, it seems that Batti isn't having much luck in his new quest, often ruining everyone's plans - including both the Fillys and Wranglum.

This page reveals that Batti isn't just an accidental spanner in the works, and that he genuinely pursues the same goal as the evil wizard. Furthermore, he's even aware that the wizard is barely able in his current state. The dynamics of these two seem to be really engaging to watch!

The document shifts into the "Additional Characters" section, which, strangely, contains only one character (according to what we have): academy mistress Sparkle, whose description acknowledges her supreme position in Crystalia, albeit called "the Unicorn Kingdom" here. Just like with Cedric and Willow, Sparkle's mirror is revealed for the first time here, and none of the three mirrors look like the golden mirror from promo 5, keeping the mystery unsolved.

This page and the five pages after it focus on the different locations of Funtasia, as well as other locations of the Filly World. The paragraph here refers to them as the kingdoms of Elves, Fairy, Unicorn, Princess and Witchy Fillys - much more vague names than their toyline counterparts (Emocia, Magical Land, Crystalia, Filly Kingdom and Zimsala, respectively). Funtasia is also mentioned, as a "vast and diverse sky-island Kingdom", confirming that, well, it's a sky-island, as seen on the rural in the very beginning of promo 5.

A brief description of various facilities within the Magic Academy, accompanied by an image of what seems to be the classroom from promotional videos 3 and 5.

Headmistress Sparkle's office, currently empty and tidy.

Wranglum's and Battiwigs' hideout room, which can be seen as an "Indoor Scene 1" image in one of the Concept Art articles. However, here it is in a much better state. Possibly the thrashing of this room will happen early on in the series, maybe when Battiwigs discovers Wranglum, if this event is something that happens in the show itself.

An image of the council scene from promo 1, though this time Sparkle is glaring at Ashia, whereas in the promo she was looking at Florian.

Another callback to a scene from promo 1 (and 3, and even 5), where Bella is teaching other four students how to kick. Here, it seems that Bella gets interrupted by Rose. This may be the turning point in the plot of the episode "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire": Bella is preparing everyone to combat the yellow-eyed monster, and Rose stops it, rightfully telling Bella that there's no point to do all of this when the monster doesn't even exist.

Speaking of episodes!

We finally get expansive synopses for quite a number of episodes - eight of them, in fact! Almost one third of Filly Funtasia is described right here on these pages, and this particular page is about Alone At Last and Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire.

Names of both episodes, as well as their partial synopses, have already been made public on the official Filly Funtasia website (reported in this article), although their order does not match.

The theory for "Alone At Last" promoted in that article has now become increasingly likely - the synopsis now explicitly mentions that Rose and Lynn are trapped together in the dark forest, which makes it increasingly likely that the dark forest scenes with Lynn and Rose in promo 3 is from this episode.

Meanwhile, the description for "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire" explicitly mentions that the cupcake-stealing monster is Bella's invention. While this had already been assumed since the release of promo 1, this final evidence should put to rest any assumptions of yellow-eyes monsters snatching cupcakes. The art is the same picture as previously seen in this article and seems like it could depict Rose and Will looming over Bella after she falls into the trap seen in the first promo, though the low resolution makes it a bit hard to tell.

"Bijou on the Loose" is an episode whose existence was previously revealed through emails about an owl named Bijou disappearing (as seen in art posted here). Here, we find out that Bijou is Rose's dorm pet, and that Bijou disappears after Rose attempts a forbidden spell using a mysterious crystal - yet another dark crystal? An outline of Bijou in the process of disappearing can be seen in the art accompanying the description. The image had previously been posted in low res and extreme zoom in in this article.

Will in Charge is a brand new episode where Will has to get all the other Fillys to do their work to avoid detention. While this episode has never been known before, it's possible that the chaotic blackboard scene from the third promo is from this episode.

Next up is another brand new episode - "Wranglum goes Fillying"!  In this episode, Wranglum is released from the mirror - but in the form of a Filly and only for a day.  Will he be able to blend in and perform his nefarious deeds? The pictures in the bottom of this article (and the "extra section" you have to click a link in the bottom to access) appear to depict this episode.

It's "The Crush" again! The description is the exact same as the one revealed through the WIP website, but while the previous description trailed off, this one keeps going. Here, we additionally find out what Cedric does to express his newfound attraction - singing songs, walking her home and sending her flowers, which is highly embarrassing to Rose who is already nervous about her speech at the Spring Party. But wait a second! Cedric's bio earlier in the document mentioned that Rose would be the last to know that she is the first girl Cedric has had a crush on. How does that work with this episode, is Rose going to remain oblivious to him? And why would a bio mention something induced by a magic potion that only lasts an episode? Perhaps it wasn't the potion after all. The picture depicts the laughing scene from promo 1.

In yet another new episode, "The Competition", gender roles are out in full force in Funtasia as the girls have a pageant and the boys a contest of strength. The competition is created when Rose and Zamie both choose to wear the same style to an Academy function. But who is Zamie? Well, there is no "Zamie" known from the Filly toylines, so this is presumably a character invented for Filly Funtasia. (Unless she's from yet another unreleased toyline...)

A fourth new episode featuring a different type of competition is also revealed, "Flight & Magic Contest", where Rose suspects a winning Lynn of cheating in a magical flying race. While Rose battles self-doubt, Lynn battles yet another dark crystal. It seems like the dark crystals will be recurring!

And here are some of the good people who have given their talent to write the aforementioned episodes. While this is not the full list of Filly Funtasia writers, here are the IMDb pages of Sean Derek, Noelle Wright, Dean Stefan, Jymn Magon and Johnny Hartmann.

These two pages contain brand numbers and figures, which are in no need of commentary.

The first document ends with contact information: [email protected] and [email protected], as well as the logotypes of Dracco Ltd., BRB Internactional and Screen21, though Black Dragon is nowhere to be seen.

Moving on to the second document, dedicated to one of the two animated specials: Filly Butterfly! The first page shows a wide-screen version of the poster that was revealed all the way back at MIPTV 2015 - though since then we have seen variations with different character poses or the background. It is unclear exactly why this dark poster is used for the Filly Butterfly special - most likely, there is no connection.

This (and the following) document bears a different appearance to the first one: neat aqua-colored borders with a beige paper-like background and occasional orange portions here and there. Plain background allows for outline art, such as here: we can see Alyssa and the dragonfly, both of whom can be seen in the Spoilers Concept Art article.

The following three images share their information with the first document - almost word for word - and thus barely deserve a detailed description.

The following pages, however, reveal the synopsis of the Filly Butterfly special.

Alyssa's role in the Butterfly special is confirmed, and it seems that the existence of the Butterfly Fillys in Filly Funtasia is almost legendary - that is, literally legendary. The framed pictures can be seen in the Spoilers Concept Art article (Alyssa and the dragonfly) and the Early Development Concept Art article (the Butterfly airship).

As opposed to the first document, this document mentions what would otherwise be "the kingdom of Butterfly Fillys" by its proper name of Papilia - one of the numerous places where Butterfly Fillys live, and the central location of the Filly Butterfly toyline.

The second half of the Filly Butterfly synopsis tells us that the Butterfly Fillys "must remain secret", otherwise it will unleash "the greatest threat Funtasia has faced in centuries". While it is unknown how the revealing of Butterflies is going to doom the land, it explains why Alyssa is wearing a cape in the Spoilers Concept Art article - the filly is trying to hide her wings and antennae. From, most likely, Wranglum and his Grounders, one of which can be seen here, in full color!

The Butterfly Filly on the right is Princess Scarlet, the ruler of Papilia. She's wearing the same uniform the teachers of the Magic Academy wear, possibly hinting that she will join the teachers council for the duration of the special?

The Filly Butterfly special is written by Jymn Magon, one of the writers for the Filly Funtasia series itself. The IMDb page, once again, can be found here. This could be the movie previously discussed by him as seen in this article.

The document goes on to the Filly Five, just like the first document. Rose's bio here is largely the same, but this time she is described as someone who is driven to excel at anything, rather than someone who is concerned with her hair.

Bella's description here is almost completely different from her description in the first document. In addition to her caring nature to do anything for her friends and seek beauty in the world around her, this paragraph tells us that Bella is the opposite of Lynn when it comes to interests, as well as that she likes to have a snack or two. This is yet another time Bella is shown fascinated with food - so much so that even her outline art shows a cupcake tray!

Moving on to Lynn herself, her description borrows a bit from the first document as well, but adds that she loves "scary stories, spiders and all kind (sic) of creepy little creatures". This can be seen in promo 5, when she plays a trick of Rose by startling her with a bat, and may possibly explain the presence of a black bug on the cave poster used on page 1 of this document - Lynn most likely will try to prank one of her dorm mates with it.

Willow is next! The description here still preserves his wild trickster nature, and amends that Will loves sports, even though he's having trouble with it.

The already established persona of Cedric is expanded upon even further with the remark of him needing "some clues to help out in social life". You can see he's trying his best, judging from that wide grin on the outline art. Keep practicing, your majesty.

Next up is Wranglum, whose description here is almost completely the same as in the first document. The same, however, cannot be said about his image. For the first time ever, instead of a dark mirror with a face in it, we're given what seems to be lord Wranglum's true form: a dark, humanoid-shaped monster with long claws and a creepy face that is reminiscent of his minions - Grounders. Wranglum's body is covered in sharp thorns that look like they can hurt you no matter how gently you try to touch them. Such spooky figure just asks to be contained, and the premises protected.

Moving on to the less creepy pages, here we have Battiwigs again! His description here is a direct copy of the bat's description in the first document. Please refer to the corresponding part of the article for details.

More facts and figures about the Filly brand as a whole, which, once again, speak for themselves.

And this is where the document ends, with another image of a Grounder, to keep you on your feet. We're given the usual contact emails, and the logotypes of the four companies associated with the production of the special: Dracco Ltd., BRB Internacional, Screen21 and Apolo Films. What, never heard of Apolo Films?

The last of the three documents tells the tale of the Filly Stars special. This and the Filly Butterfly documents are sisters, and have a lot of information in common - the majority of the pages are exactly the same in both documents. However, for the sake of completeness, all pages are provided below.

A page similar to the one in the Filly Butterfly document, but instead of Alyssa and her dragonfy, we're shown two other characters: Zack's father and Antares, both of whom can be seen in the Spoilers Concept Art article.

The Filly Stars synopsis, naturally, is different from the Filly Butterfly synopsis. For starters, it actually describes the backstory of the Filly Stars toyline: the realm of Skylia (again, the proper name is used!), its separation in the distant past, the Moonlight and Starlight Fillys and specifically Zack and Zodia (the latter being shown in the framed picture here). These plot elements show up in the official Filly Stars comic book which is based on a story outline featured in this Filly Stars article.

It should be mentioned that according to the toyline, the Starlight Fillys are only a fraction of the Skylia, which is also populated by Skylight, Sunlight and Twilight Fillys. Toy Zodia is said to be "special", whereas here she is said to be a Starlight Filly. It is possible that Filly Funtasia is going to simplify the setting of Filly Stars while still retaining its key plot elements and characters.

Similar to how an outsider Filly unintentionally causes chaos in the Filly Butterfly synopsis, the same thing happens here. Unlike the Butterfly synopsis, however, we are given more specific information about what exactly happens: this page tells of a "purple moon" that radiates evil light all across Funtasia, and which must be stopped by reuniting the two kingdoms - it is not clear if it means Funtasia and Skylia, or the two halves of Skylia. The art is the third of the three possible coloring proposals of Zack's father as seen in this article.

Here's a page about Johnny Hartmann again, and here's his IMDb page again.

The following five pages describe the Filly Five the third time, with zero notable differences. However, this time there are two additional pages about two more characters! Wonder who those are?

Zack! The Moonlight prince finally gets his own description page, and, by the looks of it, he's quite a powerful Filly - "the best magic student in the history of magic students", "stylish and super cute" and, perplexingly, "all the young girls look up at him and the boys too". So far Zack has appeared in most of the promotional videos, and has been flickering between being and not being a part of the main cast. Time will tell what his role is, apart from getting his wing hurt, as seen in the picture.

Academy mistress Sparkle appears, with a description reminiscent of the one in the first document. The two notable details about this page are the outlines of the other teachers (sans Ashia) and the list of subjects: spells, potions, history of magic, arts, astronomy, P.E., and most likely even more! My personal hope is that the show will have at least some lecturing scenes, especially about the history of magic.

And that is the end of the Filly Stars document, as well as the article itself. The past page shows Aero, a Filly Stars Zodiac pet, instead of a Grounder, which is always lovely.

Featuring text written by Skundi, mostly in the first half of the article.