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15 April, 2015

Fillyfuntasia.com Episode Summaries

Filly Funtasia has an official website, fillyfuntasia.com. Up until very recently, the only content was an image advertising the show with not much information. Well, that has changed! There's still just an image there, but it is an image that appears to depict a mockup of what the future site will look like! As it's just an image, none of the buttons are clickable and some of the content appears to be placeholder material, but it still contains some neat stuff - including the synopses for the first four Filly Funtasia episodes! Check it out at fillyfuntasia.com and read our analysis after the break!

We'll divide the image into a few different parts and analyze them separately. Let's start with the header!

Fillys confirmed to speak American?
The "Register" and "Login-in" (sic) links suggest that the website will have users, and the language selector that it will be available in multiple languages. "About Funtasia" and "TV Series" are two different links, so the first one will presumably have information about Funtasia besides it being a TV series. The Filly icon is likely to lead to MyFilly. On to the most interesting revelations - the episode synopses.

See? The cupcakes weren't stolen.
The first episode is titled "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire" - and the description matches the episode we saw in Promo #1. The screenshot accompanying the description is from Promo #2 and has been used in other advertising material. It's quite likely that the screenshots used to illustrate each episode has been taken from the trailers and that they do not necessarily represent the contents of the episode.

Lynn and Rose dormmates CONFIRMED
Case in point. The screenshot taken from Promo #1 and used to illustrate episode 2 is probably from episode 1. While we can't know for sure, it's possible we've already seen some footage from episode 2 in Promo #3! The scenes of Lynn running through the dark forest and the emotional dark forest scene with Rose and Lynn certainly look like they could be from this episode based on its description.

It's possible!

But what will it form?
Now this one does sound familiar - it's similar to the "Zack episode" that's featured in multiple clips in Promo #3! The blue rainbow could be what is depicted on the blackboard in the classroom scene with Zack.

We have previously speculated on the basis of the filenames of 3D prop designs that this episode will be episode 5. It's possible that the filenames were incorrect, or that this episode used to be episode 5 but has now been bumped up to episode 3 in a reordering.

Captain! I see a ship on the horizon!
Yeep. We've got a crush potion episode, as well as a confirmation that the Fillys have potion class at the academy. This episode might be a fun one. The screenshot accompanying the description is again from Promo #1, and appears to be from the scene where teachers discuss the (probably nonexistent) monster.

Battiwigs: now with sparkles

The story description here is outdated - it still calls Wranglum "The Wizard of the Dark Mirror". It's also the description that's been used on the description page on BRB's website for a few years now.

The same poses as in the header.
Then, the page lists our characters! It uses "Willow" and "Isabella" rather than the shorter "Will" and "Bella" that we've also seen, and it further confirms Wranglum's name.

Lastly, we've got two locations listed - The Royal Magic Academy, which is the show's main setting, and "Outside the Academy", which appears to be all the stuff around it.

And that's pretty much it, at least until the website becomes interactable.