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01 April, 2015

Filly Supernovas

(April Fools!)

You might think that right after the launch of a toyline, the Filly® crew would take a well earned break. But no, we’ve just received word from a trusted source that yet another new line is on its way! Introducing the Filly® Supernovas! When a Filly® Star uncovers a secret spell, they turn into a radiant Filly® Supernova! Read it all, after the break.

The Filly® Supernovas live in the faraway Pegasus Galaxy™, which you can only get to through a magical gateway which oddly enough looks exactly like Star Palace. The Pegasus Galaxy™ is vast and is full of nebulas shaped like jelly donuts and ice cream cones. Some of these nebulae, the biggest of them, are homes to Filly® Supernova families!

Each of the Filly® Supernova is quite a sight to behold, granted that you can see them. The immense power inside each Filly® makes them glow in bright and heavenly colors. Filly® Supernovas have a hard time holding all of the power, and tend to scream at the top of their lungs all the time. Thankfully, in the Pegasus Galaxy™, nobody can hear them scream.

The toy line does what it promises: every Supernova Filly® does indeed glow in the dark. Although “dark” is a generous term, because a Filly®’s glow illuminates the room better than daylight. Regular blind bags, naturally, couldn’t handle the radiance, and this is why every Filly® Supernova (and the Filly® Supernova magazine) comes in a titanium box, which in turn is bubble-wrapped.

As with Filly® Stars, the Filly® Supernova website is not officially available yet, but we at Funtasia® Daily(not ®) worked hard and managed to swipe a couple of character biographies before Dracco cut the access entirely. The website was still in poor shape and had various string references to “fillyhypernova”, possibly hinting at another upcoming toy line or an extension for the Supernovas.

Are you hype for the Supernovas? Well, I'm hyper.

The profile picture is cut off on all sides, probably due to the fact that it is still an early version. Judging by Scorpio’s description here, it seems that all recurring characters from Filly® Stars get straight upgrades for all aspects of their lives, not just looks!

One thing you might notice is a shorter biography if compared to that from Filly® Stars. The source has dropped a few words that Dracco wants to shift their focus onto books and short animated clips (most likely distributed via RuTube), leaving only the most essential parts of each character on the website and on the blind bag cards.

Bon courage, Captain Cara.

As you can see, each Supernova sports a pair of trendy sunglasses. This is because their eyes are so bright, it would be impossible for them to see otherwise.

The source has informed us that a Kinect-based video game about Filly Supernovas is in production (currently in early stages of development). This game will feature full motion controls and a unique quantum technology to make your body feel like that of a Filly. The production has been halted numerous times: the technology accidentally backfired and rendered the entire offices of developers unable to proceed due to a newly acquired lack of opposable thumbs.

We have also been in touch with a secret source at BRB, who has informed us that although the Supernovas may not appear in seasons 1 to 4, a season 5 episode has already been planned where the Supernovas spend the entire episode charging up a light spell! What will happen in the next episode when the spell is finally cast? Stay tuned.

Article also written by Zejgar.