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07 June, 2015

Filly Headwriter Details & AMA

A rather interesting website was discovered recently - a website that belongs to none other than the headwriter for Filly as it has been known from the beginning to the most recent stuff: Tine Norbøll, or Tine Norboell.

The website can be visited by following this link: http://www.norboell.com/

Inspection of the website reveals that Tine is, among other things, the "Mother of Filly". Backed up by a friendly and equally talented crew, they have worked hard on each and every Filly incarnation, from the nigh-forgotten Filly Forest to the current Filly Stars, including, of course, Filly Funtasia itself.


However, the most important detail is that Tine is open for questions regarding Filly! You can drop your question about Filly stories, Filly characters etc., in the comment section below this post within one week, and after that, this post will be followed by a post with answers from Tine, for all to see.

Keep in mind, however, that asking a question does not guarantee receiving a satisfying answer. Trade secret is trade secret, and there may be some things we are not supposed to know.

Don't be shy and ask away, Filly fans!

UPDATE: thank you for asking your questions! They have been sent to Tine, and the answers are expected to arrive "in a few days" (starting from 15th of June).