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17 June, 2015

New Filly Funtasia WIP Website

Earlier, we've reported on the fillyfuntasia.com website which is currently only a static image. Well, now we've got yet another WIP website to look at, which features some new material! The main page is at www.dracconews.com/home but it appears that for some countries, it apparently tries redirecting you into a non-existent language version, which means you get stuck on an error page. Since it appears Sweden is included in that, I had to use a proxy to gather screenshots. Have a full analysis after the break!

The main page of the site appears to be very similar to the screenshot on fillyfuntasia.com, but the buttons are actually clickable now!

The "charactors" misspelling is rather frequent on the website.
First, we have the "story" section, which unfortunately currently only features the same description of the show that we've probably all seen a few times now.

"de_" prefixes a lot of text strings on the website, because the translation has yet to be done.
The rest of the pages are all pretty similar, so I'm just going to post the unique images for each page along with the text. Let's first head to "The Royal Magic Academy" section in "Locations".

The page header, featuring the Filly emblem.
The page features the following text:

Every detail has been considered in creasing this rich visual world of the Academy.
The classrooms are where the Fillys learn to use their special crystal magic, potions and morel You will also meet the unique faculty of the Academy.
The main grounds and buildings of the Royal Academy are truely wondrous... it is a magic place unlike any in all of the Filly universe.

We have yet another reference to the Fillys learning about potions (others have been in the episode summaries and in the potion book design from the 3D props) and one to "crystal magic", probably related to the crystal powers that got a mention in the Filly Funtasia flyer a few years back. (my headcanon is still that it's going to turn out to be related to the gems in their crowns)

There are also a few low-res screenshots included, featuring some new and some old stuff:

 This looks like the opening shot from the first trailer.

 This looks like about 0:10 on trailer #3.

 This is new - a sports pitch of some kind! The pitch does look kind of like an association football one until you start to look closer. The goal areas are triangular while the goals themselves are round with what looks like a smaller goal above the main goal. There's some other stuff around the pitch too which makes it look like it may be the school gym.

The sun shining onto a pink patterned floor in a hallway. New, as far as I know.

The closest we have here is 0:26 from trailer #3, but it's not exactly that! The camera is zooming in as the trailer cuts away to another shot, and what we see here is that same scene, but a bit more zoomed in than what we get to in the trailer. It's probably from a few seconds after the trailer cuts away from the scene.

Next up is the other location listed, "Outside the Academy". The text is the same as the other location page, but this one has some different images.

 This is a familiar looking cliff! It's very similar to "Forest 6" from the Concept Art we've previously posted - but there are some minor differences in it! This may be an extremely tentative indication that the old concept art is being adapted pretty closely in the newer material.

 This is also familiar! It looks like about 0:05 on trailer #2.

 Some autumny looking trees! I don't recognize it from anywhere. Probably new?

 This is very similar to 1:05 on trailer #4. However, it looks from the position of the Fillys like it may possibly be from slightly after that trailer cuts away from that shot. The low resolution makes it quite hard to tell.

This seems to depict the same scene as 0:40 on trailer #3, but far more zoomed out and from a different angle. Perhaps a dramatic zoom out shot after Lynn's fearful braking?

Then, we have the character pages. Each character pages features a few images and a space for a bio. Unfortunately, they've so far just copied Rose's bio for each page. The bio is as follows:

Rose is a lovely, bright and caring young Unicorn who always strives to be the very best at everything she does. And she usually succeeds, well, that is when she isn't having a bad hair day. It's not that Rose is overly vain; she just has a typical young teen mentality.

Her need to prove herself often leads Rose into highly astressful and even dangerous situations

Below are some images from the character pages:

Finally, here's a few backgrounds from the site:

That's it! Hopefully, they'll continue developing the website and reveal some new neat stuff there!