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09 November, 2013

Official Funtasia Concept Art

Zoom in of the official Filly Funtasia concept art
Click for larger size
We've uncovered some official concept art, although it is pretty low resolution. It was found in a Filly page of a BRB catalogue, and features a really cute Battiwigs. Check out the full page after the break.

Official Filly Funtasia concept art taken from a BRB Internacional catalogue
The upper image looks quite similar to the second promo


  1. That bat will be the end of me

  2. Looks cool, the 3rd and 4th images look really epic! :)

  3. Battiwigs is pretty adorable in that first pic and the 3rd definitely intrigues me. Perhaps it could be related to the first episode and is the monster's lair?

  4. My guess based on the first trailer is that the cage is a trap someone laid for the supposed monster, which Bella then fell into instead. Considering it seems that Bella could have been the original cupcake thief, it would be deliciously ironic if that is the case.


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