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03 November, 2013

Unicorn Analysis

A while back we posted a series of images with character identifications, featuring tentative identifications of the Fillies in the trailer by cross referencing their appearances in the trailer with the toys on the toy sites. Some Funtasia fans have located a possible error in this image series with Ashia and Luna being conflated. We'll take a closer look at the unicorns to investigate, after the break.

But first, a closer look at the unicorn kingdom. It is named Crystalia, and is divided into a number of different floating islands. The flyer mentions that the show is set in a "kingdom", but not which kingdom. However, note that the flyer displays two floating platforms on each side of the Filly Funtasia logo (and a few more floating platforms can be seen in the trailer). Something else of interest is the presence of clouds located quite low in the sky in both the trailer and the flyer, all of which could indicate that the show is set in Crystalia. This would also explain the identification of the headmistress of the Royal Magic Academy as Princess Sparkle, the assumed ruler of Crystalia.

Princess Sparkle of Crystalia toy bio
Princess Sparkle of Crystalia, tentatively identified as the headmistress in the trailer.

Princess Sparkle in the Filly Funtasia trailer
Princess Sparkle?
The same flyer also mentions the Fillies discovering "unique and magical crystal powers" - a connection to "Crystalia", perhaps? One discrepancy is that the floating islands appear to be smaller than the landscape we see in the trailer, but that might be because the maps are simplified and that the show has simply fleshed the island out. The toy site mentions the different islands of Crystalia being connected with rainbows, and we can certainly see rainbows in the trailer.

The Magic Academy from the Filly Funtasia trailer
In any case, Crystalia consists of a number of islands; one of which is Somnia, the island of dreams. It is here that we find both Luna and Ashia on the family tree page. Using the family tree below, a purple unicorn in the trailer was identified as Luna.

Somnia from Dracco's Filly Funtasia toy site

 However, on the collection page, their appearances are switched! What is going on here?

Ashia toy bio from the Filly toy site

Luna toy bio from the Filly toy site

Ashia screencap from the Filly Funtasia trailer
Ashia or Luna?
Fortunately, there are other sources. In this toy opening video, we can see another view of the Somnia family tree, screencapped below.

Another view of the Somnia family tree

Note that it uses images of the toys themselves instead of the 2D images that the toy sites use for their family trees. The most likely scenario is that when duplicating the family trees for the toy sites, Dracco accidentally switched the icons for Ashia and Luna. Thus, the purple unicorn shown in the trailer is most likely Ashia.