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28 October, 2013

More Character Identifications

It seems you've all been quite busy analyzing the trailer! We've got a submission of this name compilation created by 'EMF Scootaloo' of Ponychan. It tries to match up the Fillies seen in the trailer with the Fillies listed on the toy sites. Check it out after the break.

Note: these names are tentative. Click for larger image.
EDIT: "Luna" in these pictures is most likely actually Ashia. Check this post for more details.


  1. Please continue, this is what i have been looking for a long time, a new beggining away from faggots and complainers, a new fandom.
    This is the beggining, we must march forward, even if the show sucks we must not stop until the brony fandom is but ashes and we arise with a new, glorious pony fandom that will take on from the values the ancient bronys enforced, but that were forggoten by the faggs.
    This is the start of a new era, the era of FILLY

    1. >a new, glorious pony fandom that will take on from the values the ancient bronys enforced, but that were forggoten by the faggs.
      You're a massive faggot. There are no "values" and the brony community has grown enough to where it can self-sustain itself for years through fan content alone. Although this show can hopefully spark some division, most aren't going to give the competition the benefit of the doubt. Expect to stay a small community where hopefully the die-hard autists stay away.

    2. Lol, i was refering the "love and tolerate" and the "i havent seen it, i cant judge it" thing that were very widespread during the first expansion of the fandom, that were lost after the derpygate. I know we will stay a small community, but I have a general likeness to aim high :P
      BTW, if mlp fans are bronys, what are we?

    3. Use of ">" for quotes/misquoting, randomly throwing in a derivative of "Autistic" out of nowhere for no reason. Get back to 4chan where you belong, nobody likes you guys.

  2. The show looks promising, even when compared to MLP. Even in just the trailer, it's got some very obvious differences as a show, and it's a shame the toys and comics look so much alike. I'd sooner compare this to the new Maya than anything else, and it looks like it'll hold up. Voice acting sounds off in the trailer, though.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. If that's supposed to be Puk, then Puk's gender is different from the toys. All the females so far have necklace jewelry, while Puk does not. Also, wasn't the original Puk a male character? Midsummer Night's Dream, if I recall? Anyway, looking at the toy site it would appear the makers sifted through the profiles and just used the most interesting ones. There's a lot of restaurant owners on that site, and beauticians, but it's sort of justified with having different regions? Anywho, the point is: here's hoping we get to see the interesting ones, like Agnix. Agnix sounds like a cool dude. :3


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