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30 October, 2013

2spooky5me Video

I'm not quite sure what's going on in this video by Heretical Rants, but it's pretty spooky. Check it out after the break.


  1. I saw this a while ago, it's... different, but definitely spooky!

  2. Actually, it's rather interesting, if certainly unconventional in how it raises the point - the unidentified Filly (Luna or Ashia are the possible names, I believe?) does indeed have yellow eyes, when it is that feature that is used to help identify the supposed creature, and which apparently brings another teacher to definitively label it as a "monster."

    Now, the following speculation is likely pure nonsense, but is it possible that, for whatever reason, the trait of yellow eyes have negative connotations in the setting of Funtasia, possibly discriminated against? It would betteer explain the significance that both Bella and the teacher place upon that detail. Also, while Luna/Ashia's nervous expression could very well be due to the whole monster aspect of the situation, perhaps they have faced this sort of discrimination before and the current exchange has brought back bad memories?

    I don't know, just a thought.


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